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Whether kitting out a new property, completing a full-blown interior overhaul, seeing out a long term redecorating project, or wrapping up a basic furniture refresh, there are certain articles that tend to come last in piecing the puzzle together yet turn out to be all too essential. The humble storage sideboard is a fine example of this, as while they aren’t the most exciting piece of furniture, your home décor would be simply lacking without them . Sure, the sofa and the dining table are crucial and likely the first things to buy, and after them comes the coffee table or media unit. But wait, where will that mountain of best crockery and cutlery go? Not to mention the oversized glassware or the burgeoning pile of filing? Perhaps the lower kitchen drawers end up looking like a default dumping ground for all kinds of dining and living appendages that don’t really belong anywhere else?

That is until investing in a sideboard with drawers. What’s more is that home storage units also provide a surface to display those ornaments and trinkets otherwise stowed with no surface space to display them. The real bonus, however, is how a storage sideboard can add that final aesthetic finesse to your home décor. So, we’ve compiled a handy selection of sideboard ideas; a what’s what of home storage units that have been tried and tested by the InsideOut living team and customer base. We think there’s something for everyone, read on for our handy guide.


The Large Rural Sideboard

This piece shines with its dual function as a display unit but also the storage capacity it offers. Visually too, this storage sideboard more than holds its own. The grained smokey oak wood is a delightful addition to most homes and works especially well with other wooden furniture. It excels with the addition of a generous 16 hole wine rack. Versatility is key as this piece will fit perfectly into a hallway as well as a kitchen or even tucked away into a dining room. If the all-out wood approach won’t quite suit the particular style of home décor, the neutral slate grey option offers flexibility. Place ornaments easily atop of this home storage units at a nicely elevated 80 centimetres height. 


Atlantic Large Sideboard

Even taller again at 85 centimetres – the spacious Atlantic Sideboard also carries a demure visual appeal, think of her as the more refined lady of the house. In the pantheon of sideboard ideas for your home we think this is a standout piece of furniture for the household, stately and ornate. This mahogany sideboard with drawers is also one of our most spacious, with three large cupboard spaces accessed via hinged doors with stylish bronzed door handles, the two drawers will be ideal for stowing smaller items. The parquet oak top is an antique styled touch, a tasteful surface for display trinkets. This storage sideboard comes in a blue-grey colour option which evokes those deep ocean hues, a fitting addition to a nautical or even farmhouse-inspired styles. Whilst the neutral colour option enables an easy fit into many home styles. The wider Atlantic Range contains matching side tables and dining sets, a beautiful edition to many homes.


Modern Farmhouse Large Sideboard

Struggling for Sideboard ideas? Sweating over home storage units? Fret no more. Modern Farmhouse yet again provides a rustic and stylistic choice with this versatile option. It’s very easy to understand why the Modern Farmhouse Range is our best selling with the trademark shabby chic appeal that’s applied to the finish. As with the ever-popular dining range this sideboard with drawers is also constructed from reclaimed pine, and looks all the better for it. The purposely slightly weathered aesthetic gives a stylised rural look, especially when paired with other MF furniture. This storage sideboard rises to a handsome 90 centimetres tall, making it a perfect height surface for placing more practical items atop at easy reaching distance, it could also just as easily accommodate display items, or a potted plant to really resonate with the rural look. The contrasting wood top works very well against the washed white body. It’s a spacious sideboard with drawers that are deep and accommodating, whilst the cupboards open with one central shelf for double decker storage.


Brass 3 Door Sideboard

Ideal for traditional styles of home décor, as far as storage ideas go this option comes straight from the history books. The most memorable home storage units have vivid defining features. The Brass 3 Door Sideboard is really an excuse to pay homage to Art Deco. Certainly, it is one of the most visually striking options. The grained Acacia wood is offset by triangular segments of brushed brass, creating a startling and fashionable piece for the home. It would be a shame to cast this post-modern showpiece aside in a hallway, rather it should be proudly displayed in a prominent living space. The very same brushed brass is seen on the supporting four legged frame of this storage sideboard.


Serenity Sideboard

Relax! Now for some sideboard ideas altogether more serene. The Serenity Sideboard with drawers comes in a calming neutral mellowed oak, the wood exudes a lighter almost-white hue bringing an innate sense of peace and tranquillity to all that gaze upon it. It’s as smooth as it is spacious, and it’s very spacious with 80 centimetres upward clearance and 140 centimetres in length. This home storage unit is just one piece of a thirteen strong collection of furniture from the Serenity range, all built from the same beautiful oak wood. It’s an easy-on-the-eye neutral piece so will happily fit into many home décor plans.


Florence Large Sideboard

Another pick ideal for entertaining, two fold. That is because this storage sideboard comes fitted handily with a central wine rack but will also gain much visual interest. The curious Mango wood construction provides pattern and texture to the two cupboard doors. Whilst the brass grid rack is the perfect metallic accompaniment to the wood, we think some matching brass or golden metallic ornaments atop would add further visual stimulation.


Chic Brown 3 Door/2 Drawer Sideboard

Sideboard ideas really are well served through InsideOut Living. This sideboard with drawers is an item of boho chic, its deep mixed wood finish offer a real touch of class. A healthy four different types of wood make up its vibrant looking construction; teak, mindy, acacia and mango wood. Impressively it is capable of storing a weighty amount of contents with its three doors and two drawers.


Loft Sideboard

Our final pick and by no means a last place finish, is one of our most beloved. Visually the Loft sideboard is one of our home storage units of splendour. There are many design features to fawn over such as the gunmetal grey frame beneath and how it contrasts very nicely with the rich mixed acacia wood that makes up the most of this storage sideboard. We love how it is particularly hard wearing and that it will only ever look better over time, as it wears with use. As with all sideboards you can use it to introduce some soft lighting to a room by placing a lamp atop. The rest of the Loft Range will also not disappoint. 

Sideboards really are the item we never knew we needed until we thankfully purchased one. They are undoubtedly definitive pieces that are not only immeasurably useful, but a stylish addition to any style of home décor. There is a vast sideboard selection available through InsideOut Living, we believe there really is one for everybody’s taste. Shop all our sideboards here.





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