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It comes as no surprise that rattan furniture has seen a huge rise in popularity, most likely as a result of the style providing a perfect furniture option to use outside or in a conservatory. For this reason, we have dedicated a section of our website to conservatory furniture, which highly features the wonderfully versatile and contemporary rattan furniture. Before we look into the rattan conservatory furniture available at Inside Out Living, we thought we’d let you know the many advantages of bringing rattan furniture in your conservatory space.

Firstly, rattan conservatory furniture is a fantastic choice for families with young children as they are virtually childproof, thanks to the waterproof, wipe clean material that rattan furniture possesses.

As well as this, rattan conservatory furniture is made of lightweight aluminium, enabling you to easily move furniture around the room and as it is so versatile you could even move it into the garden as and when you please.

Last but not least with rattan conservatory furniture, there is a large range of different styles to suit the number of people and the vibe that you are looking to create in your conservatory, from dining sets to reclining chairs. By purchasing rattan conservatory furniture in the form of a sofa set, this can often be more cost-effective than buying a 3 piece suite, whilst creating more of a contemporary look than a traditional leather or fabric sofa.

Although most of our rattan furniture is labelled as garden furniture, who said that you only have to use it outdoors? If you consider the logic of a conservatory often being built at the beginning of a garden, using rattan furniture is a great way of making the transition from the home to the garden, bringing some of the outside in.

Kettler, Bramblecrest and Hartmann are a great example of rattan garden furniture that would look beautiful styled in a conservatory.


Bramblecrest Monterey 2 Seater Outdoor Sofa Set with Ceramic Table

Depending on the size of your conservatory there are many options to choose from, if you’re wanting to keep the look of traditional conservatory furniture with a modern edge the 2020 Bramblecrest Monterey 2 Seater Outdoor Sofa Set with Ceramic Table is a great option thanks to the modern rattan weave and charcoal cushions.




2020 Hartman Westbury Square Corner Lounge Set with Square Table

Alternatively, if you’d prefer more of a relaxed and cosy rattan conservatory furniture set then we’d recommend taking a look at an item such as the 2020 Hartman Westbury Square Corner Lounge Set with Square Table. With the space to accommodate 5 people comfortably, this would fit perfectly into a large conservatory partnered with some bold accessories such as the Mustard Ochre and White Cotton Throw and the Hand Embroidered Cushion to match.



2020 Kettler Charlbury Casual Mini Corner Set

If you’re wanting to create more of a dining area in your conservatory, the 2020 Kettler Charlbury Casual Mini Corner Set is a more than suitable consideration. Keeping the casual vibe of the sofa sat up to a proper table this rattan conservatory furniture will work wonders in reflecting the relaxing outdoor space but inside.

For a more formal style of rattan conservatory furniture that can also be used for wining and dining guests, we’d recommend the Classic Extending Dining Set with 6 Rattan Chairs. The neutral tones of this table make it easy to keep the bright, minimalistic feel that a conservatory is known for. As the table has the ability to extend to seat up to 6 adults this is perfect for using day to day and for hosting dinner parties in your conservatory on a midsummer night.


2020 Bramblecrest Tetbury Garden Recliner Set with 2 Footstools & Coffee Table2020 BRAMBLECREST TETBURY GARDEN RECLINER SET WITH 2 FOOTSTOOLS & COFFEE TABLE WITH TREE-FREE TOP – CLOUD

For those people who want to make their conservatory into a tranquil space to relax in. Have you considered some rattan reclining chairs? You may be thinking aren’t they just for old people? Well, you’d be wrong! Once you purchase a reclining chair you will never look back.

As a result of the modern rattan weave used on the 2020 Bramblecrest Tetbury Garden Recliner Set with 2 Footstools & Coffee Table this truly is a perfect rattan conservatory furniture option to purchase for your space to relax at reading a book with a cup of tea.



Japandi Lounger Rattan Chair

Finally, if you’ve already got furniture in your conservatory and aren’t looking to replace it but would like to add a piece of rattan conservatory furniture in your home. Then the Japandi Lounger Rattan Chair is the ultimate piece of furniture to display in that corner of the room that is calling out for some accessorising. The Scandinavian style chair is made from rattan that has been softly shaped for maximum comfort and will complete the look of your conservatory, with a throw placed carefully over the back and a soft plump cushion creating the utmost inviting space.


These are just some of the options for rattan conservatory furniture on Inside Out Living if you’re looking for more options on rattan garden furniture sets that can be used indoors check out our previous blogs on each of the ranges discussed.

However, if you’ve recently purchased rattan conservatory furniture on Inside Out Living we’d love for you to share some pictures with us via Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to see your take on styling these wonderful pieces which could provide some useful inspiration to others.



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