We’ve long held the view that the humble console table is a vital piece of home decor. Its primary use is something which can easily be perceived as a tad frivolous, a piece that’s an afterthought to the redecorating process – a ‘last piece in the puzzle’ scenario. Whilst these ideas largely do hold true, there’s something that little bit special about a well executed console table and the appeal of rustic console tables in particular, a breed of table that just deliver that extra little; je ne sais quoi! We’re of the feeling that the options in our brimming array of console tables are all beautiful, and there are numerous to choose from. Whether a thin console table or something a little ornate or stripped back and modernist-simple, there really is something for everyone. However, this time around we wanted to shine some light on those that fit the mold of rustic decor.



The White and Grey Console TableKicking things off is potentially our favourite table, depending on who you ask here at IO Living HQ. In truth, the entire White and Grey range is indisputably a beautiful rural inspired collection, there’s clear visual reasons why it remains some of our best-selling indoor furniture. The White and Grey Console Table especially displays some attractive features consistent with rustic console tables. Firstly, the chunky styled base, seen across the whole range, is painted in several coats of bright white paint, underlining its rustic barnhouse feel. The charming cross design base has also been purposely distressed in places keeping in line with country home interior design styles. Whilst we’re all for the earthy grey achieved on the table top, created by a process of a grey-washing. This console table is sure to brighten any wall, hallway or living space – add foliage atop to really hit home the connection to the outdoors.



Modern Farmhouse Console TableThe Modern Farmhouse range is without doubt a truly loved collection of ours. Its popularity holds firm year in year out, and it’s easy to see why. The collection of course entirely fits in with rural interior design styles and contains numerous mainstays for the home, dining, storage and living room tables. Whilst as far as rustic console tables go the MF version contains much to love. Firstly, it’s not purely just a thin console table, the Modern Farmhouse Console Table essentially doubles as storage, too. With two drawers and a handy lower shelf spanning the entirety of the table’s width and breadth – there’s plenty of space to store belongings – which means plenty of room atop to showcase the items you’d like proudly on display. Whilst this rustic decor again benefits from white painted bases, similar to the white and grey, the pre distressing of this reclaimed pine furniture is even more pronounced – really compounding it as a charming rural piece for the home. The mixed brown visually textured finish of the table top only adds to its appeal. It’s hard not to be enticed into the wonderful world of Modern Farmhouse!



The Atlantic 1 Drawer Console Table NeutralThis next in our list of rustic console tables takes an evidently refined approach to the rural aesthetic. The Atlantic Range effortlessly combines classic with rustic time and again in its offerings. As much chic as rural, the devil is in the detail with the Atlantic 1 Drawer Console Table a riveted patterning is etched into the mahogany along its bottom lip. This thin console table creates an air of sophistication within any home space, we love the mahogany finishes and juxtaposed colourations between the brown of the table top and the cream or blue grey of the base. A small drawer is inbuilt, and we think is perfect for those bits you may need often but take on the form of clutter elsewhere – spare keys, note pads, stationary etc. This console table is both practical and prudent, and along with its blue grey counterpart makes a classy set of rustic console tables.



The Rural Trestle Table Slate GreyThe clue is in the name! The Rural Slate Grey Range is undoubtedly farmhouse inspired furniture alongside its Smokey Oak sibling range. This thin console table doesn’t so much hint at its rustic decor credentials but proudly states them for all to see. Similar to both the Modern Farmhouse and Atlantic this rustic console tables aesthetic benefits from a mix of the two styles. The Rural Trestle Table Slate Grey has tapered carved footing that leans into a classic feel. Whilst a sturdy rear V bar stabilises affairs but adds that extra pastoral look. Oak veneers help define this rustic décor with deep moody hues and appealing grain finishes.


HENDRA CONSOLE TABLE WITH 2 DRAWERS Hendra Console Table 2 Drawers Fir Veneer

A little bit of an outlier of an option in this rustic console tables round up, that’s because it isn’t strictly just rural in theme. Surely the Hendra Console Table can also be classed as great example of traditional furniture built on the ideals of Victorian influenced interior design styles. It sticks to the white base on brown tabletop archetype and for this it looks fabulous. Carved legs help stamp its traditional values but crucially the base of this Fir wood console table is pre-distressed in places.


So, if you’re on the hunt for a thin console table that suits your surrounding rustic decor these 5 options are simply our pick, there are plenty more to peruse in our selection. Why not share yours in your fabulous homes by tagging us in your social media posts on Instagram and facebook.



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