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Although summer isn’t considered to officially start until the first day of June, we’ve all seen a frankly glorious few weeks of free-flowing sunshine and enjoyable warmer temperatures, meaning in our humble estimation, at least, summer has now begun. The pleasing uptick in weather is helping to lift all of our moods very nicely indeed.☀️  Whether you’ve been able to lap up some rays in the garden or spend some precious time outdoors, it really is a time to savour. Helping serenade the occasion, with a marker in the sand – or rather the mustard on the sausage, is nationwide event BBQ week.

This annual week-long celebration of all things BBQ is now in its 24th year, and excitingly 2020’s began on Monday, concluding on Sunday 31st May. Although the complexion of this years’ experience has changed, with the usual roadshow format sidelined for obvious reasons outside of their control, many online feasting treats and festivities are still going ahead. We’re never ones to miss out on a wholesome grill-off, so have dug out the tongs and cooled down our favourite beverages. Meanwhile we’ve also put together a small collection of tips to dispense to you. An assortment of just some of our favourite bbq garden ideas as well as well suited garden design plans that will complement the BBQ week sizzle and beyond.


Garden Design Plans To Suit Your Barbi

The first thing to consider before you fire up your bbq is the readiness of your space. You’ll need ample room to manoeuvre around your preferred garden set up along with a stable flat surface, so as to avoid any morsel overboard moments! You’ll also need enough surface space to prepare your favourite dishes and what better way than to have a bbq side table to supplement any platforms your grill may or may not already have.  Our suggestion would be to add a side table at a comparable height to your barbi-rig, something at plus 40cm. The small round table contained within our Kettler Palma Garden Bistro Set is perhaps the optimum height and size to act as the perfect BBQ week wing man – aka an optimal surface to place your sizzlin’ chicken wings on. Then afterwards two can tuck into the goods sat comfortably on the cushioned Palma armchairs.


Sit Down & Relax For Best Results

As far as bbq garden ideas go this one is ever popular. Remember the old saying ‘too many cooks…’, well the same is very much true of mastering the grill this BBQ week. For best culinary results there should only really be one, or if necessary two, people operating over the coals at any one time. Which nicely opens up the vacancy to indulge in the forgotten art of doing precisely nothing. A welcome thought to some usually forever-busy-people, we’re sure. So, we urge your overworked other half to kick back and soak up the sunshine whilst the barbi-guru does their thing. We’re of the thinking that there is no better laid garden design plans than sinking backwards and horizontally into a sumptuous reclining chair cocktail in hand, bliss achieved.


The Dining Space Needs to Match the Feast

You’ve got your sausages, burgers and skewers cooked to perfection, they’re now nestled safely under foil. The salad selection is looking like the most beautiful of gardens – colourful and inviting. Glasses are charged and the kids are looking restless. But BBQ week can be a make or break process if the wrong furniture is deployed! There is no faux pas quite like a lack of dining space faux pas, something that should figure highly in your garden design plans for your bbq garden ideas. We’ve all been there – balancing a paper plate atop of one knee whilst trying to hold a conversation and eat a hotdog or prong a loose morsel of salad. Not easy, nor preferable. Provide plenty of garden dining space this year to avoid these awkward and messy affairs. We think any garden dining set with more table space is a lifesaver for large spread meals such as those popular during BBQ week. The 6 seat Hartman Titan Aluminium Table Set typified by a lavish but resistant ceramic table top will more than see to the challenge, with an extremely useful parasol too, to give vital cooling shade whilst dining.


BBQ week Adjustable Dining Works For Everyone

Maybe the thought of getting the sprogs to try sit up at a table upright is headache enough. Or perhaps the whole sitting up at the table formality isn’t something that’s going to suit your garden design plans. We’re of the the thinking that the versatile options that come with square dining sofa sets and specifically adjustable tables are a thing of wonderment. Simply keep the table lowered for ultra informal nibbles, dining or drinks – and then if required use the built in lever mechanism to elevate the surface for marginally more formal dining. What’s more the square right angle shape of the sofa chair is the perfect sociable shape to gather round and enjoy company with your grilled delights this BBQ week.


Whatever your garden design plans, or your summer plans we hope you can savour the sunshine – we’re all in need of some natural cheer and it looks like its set to continue into this weekend. : )



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