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With a side eye on the shifting seasons, we’re all too aware that a little bit of pre-planning is often in order to get the home, well, in order. Whilst we’re certainly not wishing the summer away it’s important to get ahead of an issue, which is precisely why we’ve been getting our interior furniture heads back into the game lately, starting with exquisite dining sets. What’s abundantly clear to us is just how important one dining table and home range, in particular, is to our planning. One which we were quick to add into the ever-expanding options of high-quality indoor furnishings when we started out in April of last year. The Modern Farmhouse indoor furniture range has been an essential mainstay for InsideOut Living and continues to be an effortless and obvious solution for the home.

But what is the Modern Farmhouse range? We appreciate that it’s sometimes difficult to really put your faith in a brand when it’s an unknown and you can’t quickly identify its products. That’s why we’re going to continue to shine a spotlight on brands and ranges we love, and we most certainly love our Modern Farmhouse indoor furniture range, with its beautiful distressed finish tables, chairs and storage options, the proof is in the pudding, in fact our founders serve their dinner and pudding on it each evening!

The range comprises of elegant looking rustic and homespun dining sets and sideboard storage units. As far as we’re concerned it is shabby-chic perfected, beautifully finished tables is the calling card. The stats back this up, too. Our best selling piece of indoor furniture to date across all categories remains the Modern Farmhouse Extending Dining Table Set.

The range is impressively principally constructed from reclaimed materials, the salvaged wood is then distressed, in a process that produces what is sometimes called ‘driftwood timber’. Their artisanal approach to construction is refreshing; reusing and repurposing materials meaning no two are identical. You can have a dining table as unique as you are!

You see, the weathered distressed finish tables and worktops actually begin life as brown, they are then given a grey wash resulting in the textured colour effect seen across the whole range. From all the feedback we receive, it’s this unique finish set against the rustic white wood that gains the highest praise. People also love how solidly chunky the frames and wood used are, as its larger stature is perceived to offer greater stability. In short, the combination of quality materials, rustic aesthetics, and thoughtful designs make the Modern Farmhouse indoor furniture range a shabby-chic lover’s heaven. 

The Modern Farmhouse aesthetic is all about raw materials used to achieve the handsomely weathered look that speaks to a pastoral and agricultural persuasion, at absolutely no compromise to durability and integrity. That isn’t to say this product won’t fit into contemporary furnished homes, the use of neutral colour pairings such as taupes and off whites mean the dining sets are solidly versatile. The versatility doesn’t stop at appearance either if it is an increased number of guests you’re hosting regularly the Modern Farmhouse extension leaf is a life saver. It’s not unsightly or fiddly like other dining sets, nor does it appear from the middle of the table, it simply inserts to either end of the dining table and is fixed in place sturdily. The ends of the tables aren’t impacted visually in any way. 

We wholeheartedly appreciate the visual texture of these trademark distressed finish tables, the same driftwood timber is used across the whole Modern Farmhouse indoor furniture range. In recent months we’ve found our founders craving over the Modern Farmhouse Large Sideboard storage unit to match their dining set. Constructed from reclaimed pine, we love the combination of the off-white painted body against the lavish but ready worn surface, while the excellent storage capacity it offers is always handy.


Our Five Favourite Pieces Of Modern Farmhouse Furniture

Modern Farmhouse Extending Dining Table Set (Varying lengths)

Sure, our founders are just a little bit swayed by having this one themselves. Regardless, it’s our best seller for a reason! We love the ability to add extension leafs to the ends (not pulled out of the middle!) which makes it perfect for entertaining. The rustic finish is really showcased best in this model in our opinion.

Modern Farmhouse Small Sideboard

It’s easy to fill all your home space. Before you know it you’ve got large furnishings and clutter up to your ears. The Modern Farmhouse small sideboard is one of our favourite picks due to its compact size, meaning it will fit in nicely into any room. We love the storage space it offers. The proud front facing exteriors make sure to showcase the charming white painted texture.

Modern Farmhouse Rustic Coffee Table With Drawers

The rustic coffee table is a sure pick for a few reasons, firstly because we always admire a coffee table with a lower shelf built in, it’s ideal for magazines, books or simply items you don’t want to display but still want quick access to. Secondly because it ensures you can have the Modern Farmhouse the aesthetic in the living room, too.

Modern Farmhouse Large Bench

This bench is an easy inclusion because of its versatility. We’re of the mind that this sturdy seat will look great in a hall way or utility space on it’s own. Of course it’s naturally at home with the corresponding dining set but undoubtedly breathes enough charm to stand alone, too. 

Modern Farmhouse Wooden TV Unit 

One reason we love this TV unit is the same as the coffee table, it lets you take Modern Farmhouse out of the kitchen and into the living room. With the appealing wood finish of this unit, it’ll be hard to keep your eyes focussed on the screen, you’ll be pondering the items you can display on the shelves. 




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