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The lofty world of catwalk fashion may seem a world away from you sitting in your living room, sipping a cup of tea, however it really isn’t. Stay with us here! See, the dual spheres of high-couture and interior design styles are not as far removed as you think. The very couch you recline into, and the table you place your hot drink on, may indeed owe a debt of stylistic gratitude to runway fashion. Whilst the flamboyant and eccentric offerings draped on models shown on any of-the-moment runway, such as those seen twice yearly at London Fashion Week, may have indeed taken initial cues from an idea or texture first popularised in the context of the modern house interior.

The industries are intertwined, now more than ever. This is in part due to modern communications and tech with their role in all design industries. Where once it could take months or even years for ideas to filter into the other’s respective industry; relying on catalogues, trade shows and shop window dressing. Now, the internet has enabled everyone to instantaneously upload and glimpse the newest trends being strutted or proudly sitting in the modern house interior. Our attention at this time of year, as they also are in February of each year, are tilted toward the capital. Towards the newest exciting sartorial additions brought to our attention by up and coming designers, as well as established names, too. But more to the point what the latest textile designs mean to the wider world of interior trends.

So, London Fashion Week 2019 kicks off in a matter of days, it runs from September 13th – 17th and showcases the best of British and world designers. We’re zoning in to the possible big hitters which have recently impressed, and speculate on their new collections to be shown, and what their past and present collections will bring to interior design styles.


Burberry Always

The iconic British brand has excitedly been headed up since 2017 by industry recognised chief creative officer; Riccardo Tisci. He has been actively breathing a new lease of life into the brand and redefining the agendas of runway fashion with emphasis on youth, inclusivity, ethnicity and individuality celebrated. His London Fashion Week 2019 show in February sits with special relevance to current interior trends. As covered in our last blog article about this season’s interior design styles, brown and beige are set to feature largely, indeed Dulux’s colour of the year is Spiced Honey – a dark beige characterised by burnt caramels and ambers. The iconic beige and browns synonymous with Burberry were used with tantalising creativity in special regard to the youthful offerings of his February show. See the look here.

Certainly, there is still something entirely time-honoured with this colour palette in fashion as within the modern house interior. Something continually reflected in Burberry’s market position; appealing to mature generations as well as increasingly a youthful audience. The austere is tempered with ultra-modern touches produced elegantly in Tisci’s February collection. Perhaps, we can speculate the instantly recognisable beige of Burberry is set to stick around in current interior design styles, too. We think there’s something irresistibly luxe about the hue that just seems to promote staying power in the home as well as in the wardrobe. We can only expect more youthful twists on classic brand traditions for this upcoming show. As with all the London Fashion Week 2019 runway shows information and tickets are available through the official website.

Click the colour-link for best of our beige and brown home furniture options.


Margaret Howell is Timeless

We always wait with a special expectation for the ever-graceful Margaret Howell collections. The designer, now in her 70’s, has really never let up in producing classic, luxurious, yet accessible fashion. Outfitting with an air of elegance and the traditional. Standing as another proudly British brand, her London Fashion Week 2019 show in February revelled in all the positivity this nation can share that should not be forgotten in these trying times. It leant heavily into a city aesthetic informed by the classic and industrial age but updated for a modern audience. Thick knits, corduroy, and wool trouser and waist jacket combos – all given a berth of baggy space. Unquestionably, thicker weave textures and thick knits are something which have echoed nicely in regard to interior trends.

We’re healthily obsessed with our very own wide weave items; see the gorgeous two grey throw , the grey knit cushion and conversation piece chunky knit pouffe. In fact throws in general have seen somewhat of a renaissance within interior design styles. The same can be said of fashion with special emphasis on ponchos, capes and scarves. Throws of all textures tickle our interests and we think they look great in a modern house interior, draped on a sofa, stand alone chair, bed or indeed wrapped around a person, see our full range here. With Margaret Howell’s upcoming collection for the London Fashion Week 2019 September show we’ll surely be once again bowled over by that trademark refined class we’ve come to expect.


Richard Quinn –  Award Winning and Regally Approved

In February 2018 Richard Quinn debuted his startling sartorial vision at London Fashion Week in front of one Queen Elizabeth II ER, where he was given Her Majesty’s inaugural award in British design. It has been quite the journey for this now established British designer. His trademark look focuses on the traditional and floral but brought into the modern age with some very distinctive twists and touches of exuberant pomp. It’s an easy observation to make that Quinn’s penchant for classic Victorian florals are more than a nod to traditional patterns seen in interior trends. We think that there is notably something old-world-noble yet wonderfully overblown and fanciful from his outfits worn on the runway in last February’s show. As with fashion the modern house interior shouldn’t neglect the idea of the traditional garden inspired print. Added in the right doses with a cushion or ornament, classic garden themes and prints can provide much needed colour and tradition back into the home space. We think it’s one of those interior design styles that will come back time and again.

It’s easy to be very excited for this up and coming prospect of fashion, and London Fashion Week 2019 will mark Quinn’s fourth appearance at the coveted event. We can expectantly speculate that this new Spring/Summer line to be shown this week will likely bedazzle, shock and sparkle.


Alexa Chung Backs the Basics

Style icon, model, ex-television presenter and all-round fashionista; Alexa Chung showed her latest collection at London Fashion Week 2019 in February and debuted her namesake label back in 2018, first in New York and then London. What we love about Alexa’s brand is the unpretentious nature of her clothing, and the effortless but elegant unfussy styles she has so-far produced. The runway show in February saw a no-nonsense approach to outfit production, in her own words when describing the aesthetic and genesis of that show she commented  ‘ I haven’t been interested in prettiness for a long time  ’.  Any fascination she once held with the dainty and sugar coated aspects to sartorial appearance have been replaced with an appreciation of strong and neutral colour and shape. That collection focussed on the use of darker greys, navy blues and blacks, to great effect.

We think this translates into the modern house interior rather fittingly. Certainly, one of the mainstays with interior trends is the use of a stable colour palette. Neutral tones are a perfect basis to start any decorating or accessorising project. The addition of smaller colourful accessories help make the space pop a little which allows the final creative strokes. We simply love this Navy Lex Armchair, which uses a bold Navy hue to fantastic effect, add a pastel velvet blush scatter cushion to achieve the desired colour injection. Otherwise we’re forever coveting the bedrock of so many interior design styles – grey décor, as covered in a previous blog post. We have a vast selection of grey pieces to suit any modern house interior. So, it is expectantly we faithfully await the newest line of AlexaChung designs.

Other designers’ shows we think are likely worth checking out this time around include Victoria Beckham, Christopher Kane, Bethany Williams and Vivienne Westwood.


Whilst we’re unable to make it to any collections in the capital this year owing to a busy business schedule of sourcing and curating our new product ranges, we’ll be sure to catch the collections online. We hope you are able to appreciate this upcoming edition of London Fashion Week 2019, and enjoy unravelling the many possible influences it can bring to your living space.



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