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Marble is a substance as old as time itself, a metamorphic rock used for building and decorative purposes since the great civilisations of the Greek and Roman empires. In a modern sense the rock has successfully never found itself out of style, marble furniture and marble décor have retained a classical allure and are found the world over in many interiors, and exteriors, throughout numerous cultures. Home décor has a long-standing relationship with marble, adopting this noble substance for its own visual gain. This interior fascination with marble has not escaped our attention, we were always going to seek out a selection of marble goods to provide our customers. In our estimation it’s a texture seen in all good hotel foyers, or wine bars for that matter, that instantly elevate the senses, the contrasting hues of sinuous ore, smooth, polished or rough  – it’s always interesting to cast eyes upon. Marble offers that touch of sophistication, ever easy on the eye.  

It’s easy to consider the use of marble within home décor as decadence or overly extravagant, whereas in reality a well placed, say, marble table successfully implements a touch of luxury without too much potency. It doesn’t have to total space up to excessive formality, not at all. We’re of the thinking that a piece of marble furniture subtly positioned can add just the right percentage of swank, helping to lift the space and sometimes even to soften it. The InsideOut Living team do rather enjoy a cocktail, and we’d be plain lying if we said it didn’t taste that little bit better when lifting from a marble tabletop.


Our Marble Table Picks For 2019

Luckily, we’ve gone about collecting a harmonious selection of marble décor for your senses to feed on. Specifically, our marble table selection is simply burgeoning. Our top 5 picks are as follows: 

The Brown Marble Side Table

Who said marble has to always be white? Marble décor can come in a spectrum of shades, patterns and visually tantalising grains. We are strongly of the persuasion that this 70’s inspired side table flaunts enough contemporary touches to satisfy many interior schemes. The brown marble table surface interestingly has white dappled strains throughout and proudly sits atop a brushed bronze angled frame. It would work very nicely with a potted plant or ornament atop.

The Retro Round Dining Table

Another nod to the 1970’s where marble furniture really saw a resurgence within home décor. The Retro Round Dining Table is a classic piece destined to impress guests. The Acacia wood used for the table frame, which is luxurious and smoothly finished, offsets the classic white marble table top. A table fit to be dressed up for a more formal occasion or be used day to day. Be sure to accompany with two or four retro chairs fitted with a tasteful grey upholstered cushion and the same acacia wood found on the table. 

The Retro Console Table

The Retro range flows seamlessly into the lounge or hallway with the matching Console table. Again, you’ll find the same stylish curved marble table top fitted elegantly on Acacia wood. Very easy on the eye, it will easily fit into spaces in the home as part of a set, or separately. It stands at 76cm tall, a height to place sentimental items such as framed pictures or ornaments. It’s a prime example of throwback marble décor fabulously refashioned for the modern home. 

The White Marble Round Dining Table

Spanish ‘Varkas’ marble is the show stopper of this fine marble table. The stone top exudes elegance with the grey and white veins of contrast running throughout, polished handsomely it will easily accommodate 2 people but can also allow four to dine. Its sleek brushed bronze angled legs mean the table isn’t too overstated or grandeur, but retains a neo-classic styling. It also comes in a more subdued brown hue. Marble furniture never looked so good in your home! 

The White Marble Alternative Side Table

Home décor need not always be conformist! We love this left-of-centre non-traditional take on the humble side table. With this marble table, you’ll itch your creative interior cravings, the legs are set to one side, but it is weighted to allow the tabletop to jut outwards with clearance underneath, you can, therefore, place it overhanging a settee side for easy access to drinks or plated food. It also comes in the duskier brown marble


Our marble décor fascinations don’t just amount to table options. The versatile rock is so often best showcased in ornate or household objects, whether a delicate piece in a prize of place spot atop a mantlepiece or a quirky often used utility tool.

Kira Candle Holder, Large

This marble candle holder is worthy of any mantlepiece, console table or windowsill. It rises proudly from a cylindrical base to artfully taper where atop sits the hollowed-out holding cup, suitable for chunkier candles. It’s playful as much as it is a statement of taste. The dark grey polished marble finish speaks to style. We think it looks rather splendid next to its smaller counterpart as a pair. 

Kira Marble Book Ends

Home décor again benefits from a small injection of marble detailing with the Kira marble bookends. The same dark grey polished marble as used for with the candle holders is used here, with one further detailing; thick veins of rich white running through. The pair will undoubtedly add a nuance of chic to your bookcase.


Our new found awareness of marble décor and the positive visual role it can play in the home was nicely underlined when we began searching for indoor wares and furniture for our customers, we’re very pleased with how the range has worked out. We hope you can find something suitable amongst our collection of marble furniture to add that special touch to your interior space.



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