Home inspiration isn’t always easy to come by. Whilst interior design trends, by nature, come and go, the art of picking some truly timeless decor for the home can be a tough task. This is why mood boards are great, blog reading is essential and look-books couldn’t be more helpful. The real essence of true inspiration, however,  comes from authenticity, which is why we’re continually inspired by what we see in your homes; houses that are lived in and offer practicality as well as fabulous looks. Instagram has become a wonderful tool in gaining insight into people’s homes and showcasing their style and flair for all to see, learning tips and different styling along the way.

Our #mioliving competition awards those willing to share their style with us, the chosen monthly winner gets a £100 voucher! You just need a smartphone or camera, something purchased through InsideOut Living and an Instagram account to enter! Read more about this competition here. The first 7 winners were by no means easy to pick out with plenty of amazing home pictures to pour over. Today we take a deeper delve into what we loved about our winners’ style and also shine some light on these budding interior designers! So, get your double-tapping thumbs warmed up and take a scroll.


Make the fundamentals fabulous with @abbieharrisonn


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Home inspiration should start with foundations and build outwards, a basis to form the backbone of the style. @abbieharrisonn’s Instagram home photo that took October’s prize demonstrates a decor approach that we absolutely love. A clear-cut style that owns the space with a cool and calm demeanour. Creating a refined, clean and detail orientated kitchen that merges farmhouse and modern effortlessly, ready for socialising and cooking. We love how she’s paired The White & Grey Table Set with her fixtures and floor – the surface of which is a near-perfect match. 👏
There’s a clear acknowledgement of interior design trends at play, hello table runner and florals! But, also it isn’t defined by those trends and keeps affairs enviably simple and in turn very easy on the eye.

A Rustic Christmas With @bridgey1979


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A post shared by Rob (@bridgey1979)

Late November is a time to begin thinking about the festive holiday laying in wait, a time to get excited for shared moments enjoyed with family and friends. It’s also a period to think about how to add those festive touches to the home, and delving into some Instagram house inspo is always a fine idea to get the creative thoughts flowing. Here, we love how @bridgey1979 has crafted a bauble display hung from a well-placed tree branch anchored by a classic ceramic jug. To bring more light and intrigue the mirror placed behind helps magnify the feel of the festive corner – one of those very accessible interior trends we have noticed gaining traction. Home inspiration is sometimes that simple! Then of course there’s Miss Claus sat on The Modern Farmhouse Table Set , a lovely assembly of rustic colours/details and festivity. Noel Noel indeed!

Cosy and Calming Texture-Rich-Bliss Achieved With @hoops_and_home


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A post shared by Samantha (@hoops_and_home)

Home inspiration is to be found in buckets with @hoops_and_home’s beautiful space shown on her Instagram account. We’re simply in love with her cosy chic styling. Whether it’s in her living areas or bedroom, there’s pastels, creams, light greys and soft browns to savour. Or, of course, the complementary visual power of her wonderful floral creations which are to be found amongst all the delicious house inspo. There’s lots to fawn over. With her bedroom shot we were taken with the use of texture and calming accents, the candle placed in a shallow basket works to soothe the ambience of the room. This in turn placed on the rustic feeling White and Grey Bench shows a flash of ingenuity converting a seating bench into a display counter-come-seat for the bedroom, at a perfect height at the foot of the bed. We’re feeling all snuggly just looking at this.

A window (mirror) into house inspo by @our_dream_cottage_home

Finding an Instagram home account to cherry pick home inspiration from is a great way to go about making changes to your space. Take @our_dream_cottage_home as a fine example of this. Their account shows their wonderful Victorian cottage style house and the finishes and various renovations completed. Not to mention the lovely decor choices. Interior design trends are subtly implemented amongst the highly personalised touches. Find rustic and modern styles in equal measure, but always with charm. With January’s winning photo we adored the use of exposed brickwork, dried florals and that door! 😍 The Camden Mirror works particularly well against the bricks, creating a wonderful faux window and injecting more light into the space. Not to mention it fits the decor all too well

Modern means beautiful with @nextchapterhouse

We seriously had to silence the internal envy with the gorgeous Instagram home that @nextchapterhouse has achieved. Swapping London for the country, they didn’t completely abandon their city stylings. Instead leaning into a refined take on contemporary interior trends and making it theirs. In February’s winning post we’re obsessed with the use of accent pieces like the oversized wall clock, minimalist frame and glass chandelier. And, of course, using that natural light from the glass ceiling. Front and centre is the refined Urban Dining Set and nestled into the wall superbly they’ve made excellent use of the Urban Large Sideboard, which pairs elegantly with the dining furniture. Check out their account for some seriously worthy home inspiration.

Coordinate and colour with @bellway_by_the_beach

Come March, we’re all looking for those first signs of Spring and for many, it’s high season to go on the hunt for house inspo. We were most delighted to be tagged in the super stylish home of @bellway_by_the_beach, a couple that have executed the most fantastic chic styling of their newbuild home. The kitchen and dining area captured in their winning shot really spoke to us. Home inspiration can be taken from their elegant modern meets farmhouse style. We love how the tops of the Urban Dining Table and Bench complements the truffle kitchen cabinets, whilst the contrasting black legs tie in with the other black accessories throughout, including those gorgeous hanging lights. Meanwhile, those orange velvet dining chairs may appear a tad daring to some, but in this scene work entirely well delivering a mini pop of colour and texture. Interior trends are harnessed and personalised within their beautiful home. There’s lots to take away from their style.

Take a seat and enjoy that view with @border_build


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We’re brought right up to last month with the oh so stylish home of @border_build, a project that’s very much in progress. We’re urging on completion based on what we’ve seen so far! Pursuing a minimalist agenda that is clearly informed by interior design trends they’re building a dream home that ticks so many stylistic boxes. As sleek as it is lavish, as refined as it is raw there’s plenty of home inspiration to gather from a scroll through their account. In April’s winning picture we find a lovely table set using the expertly paired low rise Brunswick Chair so as not to obscure that view, extra kudos for the digger bucket sneaking into frame to reiterate this property is WIP! We’re certainly eagerly along for the ride! Check in with their project on Instagram to see the progress, we know we will be.
That brings us right up to the present day where we’re thrilled to keep receiving those Instagram tags and seeing all the beautiful home inspiration that’s out there. To enter into the monthly competition and stand a chance to win a £100 voucher share with us an InsideOut Living purchase styled in your vision over Instagram with the hashtag #mioliving and tagging our account @ioliving .



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