We’re constantly inspired by your homes and here are some of our favourite interior design styles from Instagram

So many of the indoor product selections we make are influenced by the varied and wonderful interior style that we’ve seen on social platforms. Instagram is one source that connects us straight with our valued and well-styled customer, and it provides perhaps one of the best and slickest interactions, sharing is always caring on the Gram! This is why for the last five days we’ve been using our Instagram page to delve into, and re-share, some of our favourite interior design styles and inspirations; those customers of ours that have made it their mission to make gorgeous modern home décor choices, piecing together homes that we think sparkle and shine. Today, we’re going to look at these beautiful homes a little more and pour over the details. We’re going to further examine these interior decorating ideas as if we’re the excitable new homeowners with a blank slate.

Simple with florals – space in bloom with @hoops_and_home

We are utterly infatuated with the interior design on show from @hoops_and_home, here we see a house interior that harnesses the power of elegant simplicity. She has complemented the White and Grey Dining Set with clean-lines and unfussy accenting, the ash colour wood panel floor balances the table’s colour expertly. Our interior decorating ideas were particularly sparked when investigating the use of the well-placed florals, which turns out to be her speciality and explains the ‘hoops’ from her Insta handle. Ornamental and stunning flower arrangements set around hoops are her forté, and we think they’re really very delightful!

Bathroom bliss with @our_home_in_herts

Bathrooms are notoriously tricky to update and sculpting certain interior design styles out of this largely utilitarian room can be a real challenge. One that @our_home_in_herts has completely and objectively achieved with sophistication. When collecting interior decorating ideas we soon realised the benefits of using marble and mirrors effectively, but also lighting! Here we see the use of our Bevelled Mirror hung, and flanked, by simple modern chrome lanterns, a refined and inspired touch. Of course, the beautiful marble tiling does the real visual work in her elegantly styled bathroom, which looks better still when the dappled sunlight streams in. She has truly created a calming and cosy room to run that bath and reach that next level of modern home décor Zen.

Material and colour perfected with @dont_wake_the_kitti

Interior style is truly a project, a campaign, an intricate puzzle of colours, tactile materials and shape, only it needs to function for the day-to-day. We’re besotted with @dont_wake_the_kitti’s house interior, her style is the perfect assembly of tone, texture and chic. Our Modern Light Oak Dining Table and matching Dining Bench slot particularly well into her dining room, we feel. The blushed dark pink, (a fave colour of ours!), seen on the velvet dining chairs against the natural tone of the oak table works remarkably well. Then coupled with the splash of green from the plantlife works wonders in this tapestry of modern home décor. Home greenery so often helps breathe more life into a house interior. Her living room hugely benefits from pastels, with both rustic and soft textures and flashes of florals. We’re in sincere approval of the placing of our natural tone Modern Light Oak Media Unit amongst proceedings, we’re also all for a soft textile throw and a filled-in fireplace. Beautiful interior decorating ideas are to be taken from her account time and again, take a peek!

Renovate and reinvigorate, @mrspresties wonderful results

@mrsprestie‘s renovation and redecorating project is the beautiful success we all need right now! The good news story that’s uplifting us all. We’re infatuated with the earthy tones and homely textures throughout her exquisite home. An interior style that favours appealing and comforting wood shades and creams. The Modern Light Oak Media Unit looks lovely slotted in against cream walls and cosy-comfy upholstery. We love the wide knit pouffe and thick cushioned cream couches. Whilst her kitchen benefits from an Atlantic blue theme contrasted with the natural oak shade, not least from our Modern Light Oak Dining Table which is wonderfully lit by her industrial-style overhead lighting. We’re harnessing the positivity and mining all these wonderful interior design styles and ideas!

A dining room for any circumstance and meal with @lowra_eats_well

We are filled with adoration and glee at @lowra_eats_well‘s gorgeous dining room. Her interior design style showcases perfectly that modern home décor should offer versatility but yet retain unashamed good looks. Again we see the fantastic use of injecting plantlife and florals into the house interior. Whilst we wholly love how she’s styled our White and Grey Dining Set against a majestic auburn wood floor. A dining table so often needs to take centre stage within busy work and family life. This is very true here, but also it provides the backdrop to many of her delicious looking creations, we’re hungry just looking at these! Furthermore the oatmeal and grey shades are wonderfully represented with thick weave baskets, these act as clever storage solutions and are fabulous looking.

We have really enjoyed compiling this shortlist of just some of the interactions we’ve been lucky to have with our customers and social followers. We thank you for continuing to consider us as your first option for home and garden during these unprecedented times. : ) In fact, we’ve enjoyed this exercise so much we’ll be continuing our #iolivinghomestyle over Instagram, sharing and redirecting the love of any picture(s) we’re tagged in. So, get snapping and join us! 📸



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