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We are at the turning point for the season’s changing of the guard. All too soon those warmer balmier climes will make way for the auburn-strewn chillier months ahead. It’s coming and we reckon it’s best to get ahead of the seasonal switch. So, when the evenings fade that little bit quicker and you’ll require that extra layer, we all too readily understand the need to head indoors. It’s in our DNA to fully appreciate the importance of cosying down into one’s own space, making warm and comfortable surroundings where you can enjoy each other’s company and be at ease. 

A stylish and functional home is somewhat of a priority to us in these months, the indoors are our own sanctuary. We’re also not ones to let our home stagnate, it’s important to keep things fresh. Thankfully our inclination at InsideOut Living is to keep atop of interior trends so you don’t have to. That’s why we’ve compiled a handy interior design trends 2019 guide for the autumn/winter months. Below you’ll find our pick of newly touted home design ideas that are predicted to gain traction this coming season.



The larger environmental picture remains at the forefront of everybody’s minds in recent years. Mindfulness is a continued trend that goes above and beyond timescale, therefore it continues to flow through interior trends year to year, but with each year comes great little tweaks and additions. A collective conscience of responsibility is clear across industries including the home and garden. Whilst people are thankfully looking out for the planet, there are plenty of great and inventive products to explore that don’t compromise on style. Repurposing and redefining material once used for something else is a great way to do your bit. Home design ideas put into action within the kitchen and living room, we think, benefit from reclaimed woods especially.

Notable and high-quality products are now available that are nearly entirely made from wood previously used for industrial purpose. What’s more, is the material so often, therefore, exudes a rustic charm, playing up to it’s unfinished and raw qualities – it looks all the better for it. Don’t take us on our word, you’ll see the very same interior trends lovingly put to action in the Modern Farmhouse range, where the benches and tables have been given a wash-finish to bring out the sumptuous aged patina. Likewise, the beautiful and stately Cotswold collection uses reclaimed pine, a worthy and rich look is achieved because of this.



When it comes to our interior design trends 2019, this autumn and winter is going to see an increased appearance of beige and browns. Dulux’s colour of the year was announced in the early months as Spiced Honey, a beige tone of rich ambers and burnt caramels. It’s a range of colours that aim to evoke the feel of the classic and promote an unplugged lifestyle with a step back against relentless technological intrusion into the home. Certainly, traditionally beige has been around the block in the world of interior trends. However, you must cast aside those dated and starchy scenes of your Gran’s untouched living room, this palette has been updated for pairing with a raft of modern touches, and we think still honours the time-honoured nature of them. So, think plenty of wood touches such as sideboards, coffee tables and stand-alone chairs to successfully inject the musky and moody aura. The beauty of beige/brown home design ideas is the versatility factor, there’s no lack of options in matching and subtly contrasting furnishings. We think the unobtrusive but entirely sleek and modern Nordic range will work with much beige and brown décor styles, the same is true of the more classical leaning Hampstead range.



This follows on very nicely from the last theme, it’s all based around another set of colours that charm and sit nicely together because of their subtle and muted nature. Simplicity is key. We’re talking about a range of colours such as dusky pale pinks, light pastel greens, pale greys, off white creams and musky beiges. And we’re noticing the use of these shades for   2019 across a number of intriguing and stimulating textures. They’re set for a popularity bump not just in the world of interior trends, more broadly speaking fashion has shown signs of latching onto this palette and texture combo also. However, when it comes to soft minimalism for your home design ideas we’re predicting an uptick in the use of thicker weave cotton on upholstery. This grey knit cushion is a prime example of this, plain but also very appealing to lay eyes on. Whilst the other side of the coin, or rather cushion, is the increased use of block colour velvet plush furnishings in the living room. These velvet blush cushions are exactly what we’re getting at – perfectly placed against a pale coloured sofa, perhaps. The other way to introduce a softer texture and colour to your living space is through an artfully draped soft throw, we’re truly of the thinking that there is nothing else more comforting and inviting to wriggle up with come the winter.



Nordic style makes another appearance in the interior design trends 2019 list as one of those enduring themes that just won’t expire, and we’re very happy this is the case. Popularity has sustained its position. That’s because it’s hugely design focussed but vastly unassuming at the same time, it generally serves to elevate indoor space with absolutely no fuss. Scandinavian interior trends remain key to modern design in a lot of ways, so it’s no wonder home design ideas takes consistent inspiration from our northerly European neighbours. This autumn and winter you can come to expect more of a spotlight shone on the Nordic living room with pale wooden stands, console tables, coffee tables and sideboards taking the limelight. Previous years have seen Scandi sofas as a mainstay in popularity, perhaps it is time for smaller structures to receive the nod. We think the Modern Light Oak range perfectly encapsulates the Scandinavian indoor essence; sleek simple materials/design and oh so stylish.


Regardless of what has been predicted for interior design trends 2019, all the InsideOut Living team are hopeful you’ll find the right fit for your living space this coming season.




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