Many homes will benefit from the addition of a wall mirror to their principle living space, traditionally it is an easy and steadfast way to add extra light, depth, design and practicality into a room. However, from experience, deciding on adding a mirror to your home decor is definitely the easy part of the process, which specific article to choose is a whole different rumination. Which is why today we’ve decided to round up our living room mirror ideas. The examples shared are all wall mirrors you’ll find available through InsideOut Living, but we’ll also take a reflective glance at wider interior design styles, the idea being we can shed some light on which mirror may best suit your space.

Interior mirrors – Shapes Explained

Which shape of mirror you choose will depend on a number of factors relating to your chosen home decor. Space as a key force, wall colour, surrounding decor (it needs to match or at least complement what’s already there) and weight can also play a part. Living room mirror ideas are shaped in many ways by the existing dimensions and furnishings. However, the best rule of thumb is the larger the wall expanse the larger the mirror can be.

Rectangle Landscape

This really suits larger expanses of walls, and bare walls that have less furniture or hung art interrupting the space. An airy, non-cluttered surface will suit this type of mirror, just think how a small mirror could look on such a wall; insignificant and frankly a little silly.

Rectangle Portrait

Living room mirror ideas come in all shapes and sizes, and in this case rotations. This is really another simplistic trick, but if you’ve got plenty of floor to ceiling wall space to play with – more height than width, simply get your rectangle-landscape interior mirrors and rotate 90 degrees. This also creates the perfect living room vanity mirror when hung at an optimal height.

Large Round Wall Mirror

This shape is seeing a huge surge in popularity within interior design styles in recent years, and it’s partially because of it’s versatility. The round mirror is undoubtedly a playful yet stylish shape. However, it also creates a lovely softer look and looks perfect on smaller areas of wall – we find this style of interior mirrors works just as well hung with other pictures in its surrounding vicinity.

Sure, shape plays a large part in planning a mounted wall mirror but as of equal importance is the frame itself, which leads nicely to our next section.

Thin Band Minimalism

Chic_brown_round_mirrorOne of the most popular interior design styles that prevails throughout the last two decades is minimalism. A deconstructed approach to design that has been adopted by many modern homes and public spaces sees a sleek and raw materials led approach to interior planning. In the case of mirrors specifically the large round wall mirror has been subject to this refining process. In particular the frames of popular modern interior mirrors showcase a slimline profile. In our current catalogue the Smith Round Mirror in Silver stands out as one such, with a raw untreated slightly dappled metallic band running the perimeter. Pair this with neutral decor such as grey’s and whites for best results. Whilst we think it would look lovely placed above some stylish refined Nordic style furniture. In terms of minimalist living room mirror ideas the intriguing Bronze Border Mirror will suit many too as will the sumptuous mixed wood and patterned design of the Chic Brown Round Mirror. The former example benefitng from a sleek raised thin overlap which creates a sleek and charming perpendicular profile. Another mirror that does well from a slim border, this time rectangular and portrait, is the Thomas Rectangle Mirror. This genre of interior mirrors truly offers versatility for modern homes, needing no bells and whistles – in many cases simply hang and you’re good to go.

Bevelled Mirrors

Bevelled Leaner MirrorA bevelled mirror is a classic in the range of living room mirror ideas, a traditional yet timeless form that tends to fit with a good many interior design styles from ultra modern to boisterous and brassy. In some ways the mirror itself can be considered as much a curios exercise in light refraction. The tilted borders create a wonderful optical trick that can mean the border will take on a different shade/reflection to the vertical reflective glass. This feature will work especially well in rooms lacking in natural light. We love the thick bevelled border of our Milan Rectangle Mirror for those very reasons, whilst the intriguing triple layering of the Paris Mirror could be classed as an art piece within itself.

Ornate/Decorative Mirrors

Ornate Rectangle Mirror (Cream)Last on our list are the vivacious and celebratory ornate mirrors. These examples are for those looking for living room mirror ideas that don’t so much start conversation but broadcast themselves loudly and proudly. This style of interior mirrors will best suit interior design styles that have a more than squeeze of the traditional and decadent. Certainly both the Ornate Rectangle Mirror in Silver, Cream or lavishly fanciful Gold will satisfy all needs to create a spectacle piece for your space.

Be playful and flexible and you’ll find a mirror for you

Finally, there’s one last thing to remember when choosing a mirror. It’s that it is by no means a science, be prepared to try something out and it not work immediately  – perhaps it’s more about selecting the mirror and building decor around that. Certainly, our flexible return policy allows for a trial and error approach. Happy decorating!



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