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Interior design, whether you have an inkling of interest in the concept or not, has undoubtedly impressed itself on your person, whether knowingly or not. That’s because it’s absolutely everywhere, globally. Best described it can be chalked up to the idea that all and any indoor space is in itself interior design. Yes, even public lavatories display hallmarks of the practice, as odd as that may sound. From a more creative and even introspective point of view, it centres on indoor space made for utility and function but crucially with concerted effort put into aesthetic. In short, visual and spatial feel are just as important as usability. This is the very foundation of any interior worth its salt, in our opinion. When executed with panache it serves to function effortlessly but hugely inspire as much as indulge the senses, the world over.

Beautiful furnishings, quality materials, an eye for detail and the effective use of light will always play important roles in design. Although, we’re of the school of thought that there is no one set method or ‘right way’. Because with glorious variation comes the endless abundance of elegant design. At Inside Out Living we’re constantly being inspired but what we see around us in the public space; restaurants, cafes, boutiques, public buildings and others’ homes. That’s why we’ve pieced together some beautiful examples of world interior design that we’ve encountered first hand. So, have you got your liquids separated into a little transparent bag, changed your currency and packed your neck cushion? As we’re taking you long-haul for this one. Here is our round up of some recent interior design inspiration from around the globe.



 Raw materials and light.

This Northern Vietnamese restaurant has wonderfully created a visual ambience using light and raw material. The spotlights cast onto the wall and iron chandeliers with oversized bulbs work with the industrial look perfectly, nicely complementing one another. We love how the hanging central lamp serves to illuminate the art that’s etched into the coarse concrete wall. The dark mahogany wood table and chair sets add to the sparse yet inviting décor. 



Asia weird is our kinda weird.

Our interior design inspiration is well catered for in South East Asia, this Southern Vietnamese pho noodle house expertly improvised light options whilst keeping in line with the native bamboo wicker and rope that made up the roofing and general décor. We really admired how an authentic shape and texture we have rarely seen outside of Asia was put together to cleverly encase these lights, muting the beams and creating an intriguing spectacle.



Repurpose and reinvent for results.

A good interior decorator knows that less is sometimes more. This Central Vietnamese coffee house had an admirable economical attitude. Hung on the walls we spied lighting made from old bicycle wheels, they had been polished up splendidly to reveal the brassy copper coating. In the evening the spokes would cast cylindrical wiry shadows onto the walls. Straight forward and inventive, like all good Vietnamese cuisine, i.e. – all of it!



Raw is less, keep it simple.

When it comes to interior décor, simplicity can reign supreme. We were utterly enthralled by the composure of this space. The raw materials used, and decorative pickings found, at this Northern Vietnamese lunch house turned our heads. The contrasting black gloss chairs pop in contrast to the coarse concrete walls. This circular mirror is very effectively hung simply using a worn leather strap, the frame itself is made from hammered black metal. We’re always attracted to circular mirrors. If we could own all of our current collection without our homes and office looking like some bizarre house of mirrors, we would!



Light Play and Glassware – IndoChina echoes.

Often unknown is just how much French colonial culture left a lasting impression on Cambodia. Here at this Cambodian coffee house we see some vestiges of colonial era stylings, patterned crockery fit for the aristocracy proudly sits on show next to wine glasses hooked to the reverse of the shelves. Nous adoré le lowly hanging light fittings, playfully showcasing different sized bulbs. We were particularly inspired by the way this building played to its strengths in how the natural light would stream in, meaning the light bulbs had no need to be too bright.



Inside-out living, it’s a global movement.

No, honestly it is! In southern Cambodia amongst numerous local eateries and bars we stumbled upon a visually rich interior décor-orientated restaurant, only it felt like we were sitting in their courtyard. We weren’t! This shot was taken from the atrium come dining space which was fully enclosed. Encompassing plants by bringing the outdoors inside so often breathes life and texture throughout an indoor space. The green of these native Cambodian plants nicely contrasted against the raw red brickwork. We can report the food was stunning too!



Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither were its interiors

As covered in a recent blog post marble décor was recently rekindled into our interior design inspiration. At this suave café bar in Rome we became quite frankly enamoured with the intense marble flooring and counter tops, it must’ve taken a healthy amount of time to accurately lay this gorgeous polished surface. Rich sinuous ores of ever-changing coloured veins blend and soothe eyesight, there is nothing uninteresting about this classic Italian marble, a sight to properly savour. An injection of marble into an interior is always luxuriously gratifying. We were happy to sit for longer than we should have and enjoy the luxurious sight, another espresso per favore, grazie!



La petite cuisine traditionelle.

Our time in Brittany, France took us to some rustic corners of the olde region, there are many small and quaint rustic houses tucked away into unassuming villages. This little traditional kitchen we adored. It was to be found in the back of a converted French cottage now used as a storefront for local fare and goods. Delicate time honoured tiling and crockery hung with cast iron pots and pans. The scene spoke to our admiration for the traditional, as much as the modern. It reminded us that with interior décor it’s important not to lose sight of the classic features that have shaped design. We think our Modern Farmhouse range sticks to this recipe, informed by the age-tested but updated for a contemporary user.



Clean lines, wood and that little dose of colour.

This light and airy living room is a typically Pacific Coast offering, this time from Canada. It tickled our interior design inspiration with how clean-cut yet accommodating the décor is. Neutral pastel tones complement the sleek asymmetrical wooden lamp, clearly influenced by Scandinavian style – sleek lines and easy on the eye. We love the large indoor potted plant, it provided a welcome splash of nature as does the natural shade wood floor, key to many homes in this area of the world. Whilst we’re always keen on the use of throws! Here a classic Canadian Hudson’s Bay striped throw adds that little dose of additional colour. We just want to cosy up with a good book on that corner settee.



Faux – give it a go!

Our world interior design hunting went mostly on hiatus during our time in New Zealand as we admittedly spent it mostly outdoors, after all that is the essence of the country! However, while visiting the nation’s capital, we stopped into a particularly stylish craft brewery and we couldn’t help but tilt our heads back to take in its striking décor. Needless to say, our attentions were firmly fixed upwards! These plant laden hanging trestles proved a fantastic addition to this space, introducing plenty of chlorophyll vibrant hues to the tall ceiling and otherwise industrial feel to the building. We thought it was a fabulous use of greenery, and upon closer inspection the plant life turned out to be a really good imitation product, faux foliage! We were convinced otherwise such was the quality. It helped inspire us to source our own range of incredibly real faux plants, in fact.



Artistry and details make the space.

We spotted this wood cubist take on a chandelier when in the Philippines, it worked superbly within the tall A frame shaped wicker house it was situated in. It adds a certain complexity and visual interest to the room. We admired the intricacy involved in creating such a centrepiece whilst appreciating the texture such an article of art gave to the space. In regards to worthy world interior design, this was one of the most creative items we’ve witnessed, implemented very effectively.



Hanging chairs – what’s not to like?

This is another Philippines pick from our time spent at the beautiful A-frame wooden house, which is completely constructed from scratch and to the architect’s whims, it’s technically an outdoor pick but a must-include nonetheless! This large suspended swing chair was the perfect adornment to the elevated patio, facing out to the view yonder. Interior design inspiration doesn’t come more serene than this, the wood construction is entirely keeping in theme. A good few hours may or may not have been spent out here! As you may already know we’re quite the fans for hanging chairs, ourselves stocking great rattan wicker cocoon options.



Dividers offer a colour boost injection

Thailand not only serves up incredible fare but inspired world interior design that will enthrall as much as bedazzle. This Bangkok restaurant showcased that trademark exuberance that’s evident everywhere in the country; colour and vibrancy abundant. The bamboo frame and multicoloured lanterns provided an excellent divider of space. We think the use of a see through divider such as a wide grate or wooden grid serve to excellently segment space without blocking out space and light. It’s a really useful technique if you haven’t got a lot of space to play with. We’re also not averse to an injection of bright colour if the room calls for it and the surrounding décor will complement it. It works splendidly in this example.



Relax and colour coordinate

The interior décor of this chill area of a shared office in Seattle, USA is nicely achieved. We think the colour pairings and bold wall panelling to match the décor scheme created that soothing but professional vibe perfectly. We really admired the selection of furniture, specifically the rich grey leather couch as the centerpiece that’s offset by patterned cushions and the surrounding wall and rug. The stand-alone chairs were well selected and complementary, we think our tan Bermondsey chair would slot in perfectly to this scene, too. 


Share yours! 

It’s certainly true that inspiration can strike at any time and come from literally anywhere, ideas and fascinations can easily be drawn from public space as much as unassuming buildings. We’ll continue to be inspired by world interior design with every new place we visit. Why not share yours with us and tag us in your interior décor pics of places that have inspired and awed you! Do so on instagram, facebook or pinterest





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