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Trends, lookbooks, style guides they’re all ideas and practices borrowed from the lofty world of runway fashion, which has for years informed modern style all across design industries. What’s becoming clearer, standing here today in 2019, is that it now goes both ways. Home décor and by proxy the garden have never held stronger influence, reaching right across the larger design space, even upwardly to the catwalk. You saw floral print go stratospheric two years back, right? It’s all coming full circle. Social media has been a massive factor, a better-connected world has brought us to this exciting point. A point where we see one or two key colours and several overriding themes helping to map out style packages in home and garden furnishing, informed by the design and art fraternity. We live in a time when beautiful is attainable.

At InsideOut Living, we’re constantly aware of contemporary style and applying that into bringing you a worthy selection of furnishings, alongside classic offerings, keeping your homes beautiful on the inside and out. So, today we’re going to take a little peek into some of the touted trends for Spring Summer 2019 that we’re healthily obsessed with.



Minimalist style has been huge in the last decade in the household, shared public spaces and customer-facing businesses. Minimalism at its core is reliant on a strong use of clean lines, borders, stripping away unneeded details and clutter. It’s about bold shapes, textures and swathes of controlled colour. You’ve probably noticed your coffee shops using plain cement walls or plasterless exposed brickwork and naked low-glow filament light bulbs, it creates an easier visually hassle-free environment for the user. Nothing quite represents the minimalist idea than a well-executed coffee table, think slimline legs, a no-fuss surface such as entirely glass, or a construction entirely of raw once-treated wood. What’s becoming more frequent for Spring Summer 2019 is the transferring of this into the outdoor space. In a time when the average garden size is shrinking, getting creative is a necessity to maximise your square metres. It soon becomes clear that less is more. Furniture that’s a little more stripped down or showcases a brash and proud angular shape to fill the sight, is becoming popular. Similarly, used sparingly, simple accessories and foliage such as planters or ornaments are a great way to break up space and reduce clutter. It’s all about being selective with what items you use.



‘Money Money Money’ Abba sang in their 1976 hit, thankfully achieving the Scandinavian 70’s look for your home really doesn’t have to cost the earth. Its simplicity is a virtue. Really, nordic style feeds directly from the last theme, it has always been about the refined look, clean lines and a core idea not being overdeveloped. Raw, attractive materials form the basis, wood is always a key feature. Pale pastels and texture play a huge part too. The 1970’s saw the Scandinavian style pushed to more modern purposes and this seems to be making ground as a trend for Spring Summer 2019. Specific Scandi 70’s vibes can be felt from home furniture pieces such as storage units, coffee tables and dining tables. The Nordic domination continues into outdoor space, often with the increased use of decking and minimising lawn by replacing with aggregate and paving. Cocoon seating placed carefully can achieve the aesthetic, allowing personal space in a cosy but refined style.



Repurposing and making good on home-found solutions is the future! More of what we do is coming from an environmentally-conscious place and it’s fair to say people have a wider view of their personal role and responsibility in the world. While we’re seeing this everywhere, we’re noticing it being especially acknowledged in the home and garden domains. Taking a lengthy and sometimes strenuous trip overseas can put too much strain on family time, whilst those air miles also increase an individual’s travel footprint. It has led to an uptick in a willingness to use what’s close to home, remodelling our own spaces to create somewhere happier to spend more quality R&R time. With garden furniture now at a comfort level never before known, coupled with the ease of options for all season furniture such as all-weather wicker, it’s easier than ever to convert your own special outdoor area into a haven for you and your friends/family. Segmenting is a popular way to achieve that cosy cubby. Think about how dividers can help, options are limitless but bamboo and willow are some of the popular choices. Or of course, a well-placed trellis, integrating climbers and florals will add a stimulating flash of colour to your hideaway. Achieving a comfortable area could create that little home from home within the home, if you see what we’re getting at.

 At Inside Out Living, we offer a wide range of quality Garden Furniture from popular brands such as Hartman, Bramblecrest, and Kettler. Our extensive range of garden furniture includes everything from large outdoor dining and sofa sets to hanging seats and garden benches.



Home interiors have become less rigid in how they’re perceived and used, whereas before overwhelmingly dry and safer textures and colour held popularity; carpet, leather, beige and thick dulcet curtains. A particularly strong trend we’re seeing in Spring Summer 2019 is an inclination for wood, daylight and lush natural world elements taking the place of the traditional. 2019 catalogues another power year for the plant movement, people are continuing to welcome the outdoors indoors, plants have had a huge resurgence. We certainly welcome the complex and earthy visual experience house plants provide. Deep green tropics or smaller potted succulents can work to different effects, there’s also a host of easier care plants to choose from. However, if you’re that person that will somehow kill the seemingly indestructible house plant there is now an unbelievable array of faux-plant options to peruse, immensely lifelike. It still freaks us out!



In the same sense that bringing plant life into the home breathes a new lease of life into interiors, the same can be levelled at the opposite exercise. This season is seeing increased use of man-made items in garden design. Adding elements of the house into the outdoor space can help break up and manage natural and wider spaces. Vases and planters as border punctuation or alternatively to mark a bland perimeter, such as a plain looking wall, works terrifically. We’re also of the solid notion that a well-placed garden bench often helps bring to life a once before empty green space.



Living Coral is 2019’s Pantone colour of the year, and we’re seeing it everywhere! A slight graduation away from the popular Millennial Pink from the last two years, it is cropping up in the garden and especially the home this summer. The nature of the colour speaks to an increasing acknowledgement and need to think and act on the preservation of natural environments, a rather large nod to the oceans and the issues facing coral reefs, acting as a visual reminder that the natural world bears significance to our future. We think it is not only a timely reminder of the beauty of our oceans but a refreshing and startling hue, perfect for injecting that splash of vibrancy into the home, especially if used sparingly. InsideOut home accessories offer attractive options, the Complements Dalta vase and smaller Complements Sulu vase perhaps aren’t the exact colour match but represents the same idea, a sudden flash of luminosity in an ornament. Place one outdoors on paving or besides a fixed furnishing or indoors on a console table backed onto a lighter coloured wall such as cream or white, we think it should add visual texture



A continuation of the wider Spring Summer 2019 trend of re-establishing that connection to the outdoors, nature and the environment. We’re seeing in recent years a move for people to gather in the garden later into the evening, enjoy the dusk air and generally reconnect communally. Fire Pits and Chimineas are proving very popular as outdoor accessories, this has continued into 2019. They’re perfect to huddle up to for that Summery warmth right into the night, there are several combinations of garden furniture and garden sofas that will fit nicely around your source of fire, perhaps even joust a marshmallow or two.

Regardless of trends, all the InsideOut Living team are hoping that Spring Summer 2019 will be one that lives long in the memory. With all the right home components in place we’re sure it can be.



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