With summer winding down and autumn steadily approaching the emphasis rightly shifts to the indoors of our homes, and with this socialising also follows suit. Dinner parties are a fantastic way to keep the social calendar alive, and for some of us hosting will be high on the agenda. Throwing a successful soiree is dependent on a few factors, high amongst them is having the right setup in place. Which is why we think getting the dinner party decor correct is a must. However, it’s not always entirely clear how best to prepare a dining table for the event. So, today we’re stepping in to offer up our suggestions on how to decorate a dining table for a dinner party.

Decide your level of formality ahead of time.

Planning a memorable evening get-together can have its own stresses in the lead up. Being unclear about the level of formality can confuse matters for guests. Be clear and concise in what kind of event you’re throwing, this saves the blushes of anyone over dressing or under dressing, plus gives insight to guests with what to expect. The type of event you’re throwing will also inevitably dictate the dinner party decor you choose.

Ideas For Formal Occasions

We think silverware is a must if your dinner party is on the formal end of the spectrum. Below are some product ideas we’ve picked out which would satisfy the smartest of events.

Nickel Dish On StandNickel dish on stand

This wonderful serving tray is decadent and versatile and would look splendid front and center as a prominent piece of dinner party table decor, ready for an evening of cocktails or otherwise.



Classic Tall Wine Bottle Holder

Classic tall wine bottle holderAny memorable evening of dinner and conversation needs a good tipple, and with this gorgeous, refined bottle holder your chosen bubbles will look as good as they’ll taste.




Glass Jug with Crystal NeckGlass jug with crystal neck

Define your dinner party decor with memorable show stopping pieces that will spark conversation. We believe this fanciful glass jug with an ornate imitation crystal lined neck will more than rise to the occasion.



Glass Decanter With Crystal Stopper

Glass decanter with crystal stopperDinner party decoration ideas rarely come more glamorous than with this art deco inspired decanter. Showcasing the same imitation crystal finishing as the glass jug, this drinks decanter exudes sophistication. Fill with a favourite spirit.




Ideas For Casual Occasions

If opting for a more casual evening there are still certain elements to consider with how to decorate a dinner table for a party. A curious array of tableware will elevate your event, helping to fuel conversation. We’ve picked out a selection that we think will fit more casual dinner party decor nicely, detailed below.Aluminum cheeseplant plate

Aluminium Cheeseplant Plate

This striking serving plate takes its cues from the tropics with a memorable cheeseplant design. Made from tough aluminium that’s been lovingly finished, ready for use as a serving aid. This plate is most certainly a dinner party table decor must!

Metal Mussel Tweezers

Metal mussel tweezersIf planning to serve some tasty mussels at your party these metal mussel tweezers are absolutely certain to have your guests talking. Made from a silver plate design, these could also just as well be used as formal dinner party table decor.

Toucan Ceramic JugToucan ceramic jug

This quirky jug was always going to make our list, its outstanding signature toucan shaped spout coupled with a lovely sandy coloured ceramic will gain all the right attention for your culinary shindig.

Saint Germain 3 Candle Holder

Saint Germain 3 Candle Holder- Copper BrownThis exceptionally memorable 3 candle holder will woo guests with a clever geometric design that takes its cues from art deco as well as Boho 60’s trends. Add sparkle and intrigue to your evening.


A Well Catered Table Means Happy Guests

Whether your event is looking to hit the high notes of sophisticated dining or resembles a share plate-buffet celebration, we’re hopeful that the above ideas will help positively shape your dinner party decor. Afterall, a well catered table means happy guests! You may also be thinking about months ahead and intend to throw a special evening during the festive months? We’ve also written an article that covers this, please find it here.



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