Some of the best garden furniture ideas are taken from indoors, we’re going to take a deeper look at these.

There’s an emerging theme in how the garden is being styled in recent years. A clear move into the modern. Throughout the last decade, it has become more and more pronounced that outdoor decor is now being influenced, like never before, by the inside of our homes. The moving of the ‘inside-out’, if you will allow us this one pun-tastic moment of namesake homage! Today we’re going to explore some of these garden furniture ideas scooped straight from interior style itself, and then carefully and expertly implanted into our outdoor spaces, with outstanding results.

House garden design has historically revolved around traditional cast metallic furniture, benches and dining sets. These, of course, are still ever popular. We indeed have a wonderful array of weather-resistant cast aluminium garden furniture to peruse. But with the huge rise in popularity of rattan weave furniture this in itself illustrates the indoors making its way outdoors.

Garden sofas are now common-place in many homes across the world, but also impressively in the less weather-steady UK. Outdoor decor for many now resembles a sun-drenched living room of sorts, however, the often wider and larger spaces allow for better design fluidity and flexibility, things sometimes made more difficult in spatially challenged interior decor arranging. Modern rattan furniture in its very fibres is weather-resistant, but it’s the cushions that really provide the comfort for outdoor decor. More often than not these plush seats from garden furniture brands have weather combative systems or levels of resistance inbuilt, function fit to meet the rigours of outdoor existence. However, they importantly don’t in any way provide less spongey cosiness than their interior counterparts. Read the product descriptions to each listing for details on cushion specifics.

Bramblecrest Outdoor Scatter Cushions

Outdoor decor that’s taken heed from interior style is all about making the most of what will practically work. As far as garden furniture ideas go, increasing the seating comfort levels are always a must, but it needs to hold up to outside use, too. But what’s also increasingly important is the addition of colour and contrast in house garden design. Bramblecrest, the garden furniture specialists, have some intriguingly tasteful options in their range of impressive Outdoor Scatter Cushions. These cushions have been specifically designed for outdoor use, constructed from the same season-proof fabric seen on their sofa and chair seating. They’re also completely removable for easy wipe-down cleaning. The real outdoor decor wins come with the intricate and versatile colourfast designs, ranging from elegant Harlequin diamonds to vibrant cross-hatching and simple block colour print. These stylish cushions serve not only for comfort, but to break up the more neutral colours used on the furniture itself. Injecting some life and interest into the garden. Such is the versatility of these cushions, they can be happily used indoors, too. As with the large seating cushions, just store during the winter for the best care.


We’re of the thinking that there’s more than one way to stimulate colour within outdoor decor. Throws are one such perfect garden design idea nabbed straight from interior style. Why not select a loved throw or blanket and, forecast allowing, drape as needed over your garden furniture? In many cases it can act as that vital injection of colour to break up large swathes of neutrality, just like scatter cushions, but with the added bonus of warming the seated. We have a stylish selection of Throws that can be used for this purpose. Just remember regard these with a touch more care than the outdoor specific Bramblecrest cushions, as they’re not season proofed. So, take inside if it pours. You can read more on our Throws in our soft furnishings themed blog post from last month. 

Lanterns and Candles

These next illuminating garden furniture ideas are just as well translated into outdoor decor as well as they are placed indoors, or a conservatory. Lanterns are a specific example that particularly fits nicely into house garden design. 

For example, either of the Black Bamboo Lanterns or Hurrciane Wood Lanterns can be slotted into a home, but also very easily placed onto a patio or lawn, creating light and spectacle. In the case of these two examples, they’ll be fine to leave out over the summer, and then maintained as needed come the winter. These also act as a remarkably good punctuating feature, helping to segregate and mark areas from one another. Another useful way to create a certain ambience is the use of voltives or multi candle holders atop of the garden dining table for that sparkle come the evening. Of course, with more intricate and delicate design pieces – take inside when the weather turns.


Dining outdoors is no new concept, but perhaps the idea of spending more and more meals dining outside is a modern fascination. So with increased mealtimes outside means outdoor decor basics can be applied to the experience. Your tableware can also look and be the business, just as your indoor tableware performs as such. Again, interior style is helping to inform outdoor dining with a number of garden party/hosting options now available. These jazzy Salad Forks are exactly the type of utensil that can convert perfectly to both indoor and outdoor use. Also our Hammered metal selection of jugs, bowls and importantly wine coolers represent the perfect outdoor tableware.

Taking the Outside Inside

Before we wrap up this exercise there’s plenty to be said about the opposite practice. That being; outdoor decor applied to interior style, garden furniture ideas put into an interior setting. We’re going to touch on a couple of examples, but no doubt we’ll delve into this in some more detail down the line a little. It’s true that as the two worlds continue to blur and merge we’re noticing movements the other way, too. Cocoons are a great way to utilise a new and entirely calming seating experience, but instead placed inside the home. And why not!? We’re seeing a specific jump in popularity with this, especially in shared rooms as it helps to create a definitive section for the individual (or couple). Something that’s especially important right now, whilst we see an increase in families spending more and more time together at home for weeks at a time. The same principle of moving outdoor furniture indoors can be observed in garden furniture placed into the conservatory. It makes sense when factoring in the UV resistance often inbuilt into the rattan weave of this style of furniture. We’re all for it!

As we progressively see both the house garden design territories blend together, here at Inside Out Living we’re ideally placed to offer products for both interior style and outdoor decor. We’re always open to new ideas when it comes to our product picking for seasons ahead, so please get in contact with us via email or our Instagram, facebook or pinterest.



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