Whether you’re a first-time landlord or simply looking for some inspiration before furnishing your next rental property, you’ve come to the right place. The question of how to furnish a rental property is a really important one, as the way you choose to furnish a property has a big impact on the type of tenants you attract. It can also affect the desirability and perceived value of the property, ultimately dictating what prospective tenants will be happy to pay (you can read more about this in our previous post). With this in mind, when it comes to deciding how to furnish a rental property, it’s essential to consider the following factors…

Cover the essentials

The Atlantic Extending Dining Table Set Neutral (1.86m)First things first. When thinking about how to furnish a rental property, you need to make sure you cover the minimum requirements expected of a furnished property. As a minimum, furnished properties should include white goods (cooker, fridge freezer, washing machine), sofa, dining table, chairs, beds, and wardrobes. However, it’s always a nice idea to include kitchen and bathroom necessities such as vacuum cleaners, crockery, cutlery, as well as electronic items like a kettle and toaster.

At InsideOut Living, our extensive range of indoor furniture covers all the basic pieces required for a beautifully furnished property, available in a range of designs to suit different styles of home. Our Modern Farmhouse range, for instance, is perfect for converted barns, rustic cottages, and older, more traditional buildings, while our Atlantic Neutral collection is better suited to more contemporary but no-less homely settings.

Choose quality over a cheap price

The Firwood Coffee Table Nest of 2

As tempting as it might be to try and furnish the property for as little as possible, this will make it difficult for you to set a high level of rent. When discussing how to furnish a rental property, we always advocate choosing high-quality furniture that sets the tone for the property. This is particularly important in making properties more attractive in less desirable locations or indeed making your property stand out against high-end competitors in very desirable locations. What’s more, high-quality furniture is also more durable and long-lasting than inexpensive alternatives, making them an investment that will save you money in the long run.

Needless to say, all of our dining furniture, lounge furniture, and garden furniture are made using high-quality materials and finishes. Our modern light oak 6 seat dining set, for example, is made from light coloured European rustic oak veneer and solid oak, making an effortless statement in a modern-day apartment. Similarly, the firwood coffee table nest features a beautifully designed firwood tabletop and consists of 2 nesting tables that make a practical addition to small or large properties alike.

Consider storage

The Loft Media Unit In Situ

When considering how to furnish a rental property, it’s crucial to keep in mind the practical requirements of the tenant. Particularly in flats and smaller rental properties where space is at a minimum, offering plenty of smart storage solutions will really help the property stand out. Something like the Loft media unit offers plenty of cupboard space as well as enough room for items such as TV, lamp or vase to be placed on top.

Items such as this take up minimal space but provide heaps of storage for your tenants. This is not only practical for them but the more of their own stuff people have in a place, the more it feels like home (and the thought of moving becomes more of a hassle).

Always consider style

Practicality is essential when it comes to deciding how to furnish a rental property, however, this doesn’t mean you should neglect style. You want to make sure that the decor appeals to a wide audience and so you don’t want to choose anything too outlandish. That being said, you need to create a slight wow factor for when prospective tenants walk through the door. For a contemporary property, small decisions such as switching out dining chairs for an urban dining bench can make a subtle but stylish statement. For a more rustic or industrial look, metal frame coffee tables and side tables give the place some real character that will make an impression on potential tenants viewing the property.

Finishing touches make all the difference

Soft Textured Throw Silver folded on top of white blanket next to plantThere’s a big difference between how to furnish a rental property and how to furnish a rental property well. Spending a little bit of time choosing accessories and soft furnishings to go in the property will completely transform the overall look and feel of the place.

Soft furnishings such as stylish cushions, rugs, and throws make the space more inviting and demonstrate your pride in the property as a landlord. In addition to this, stylish accessories really do make a house a home and elevate the property a notch above the rest.

Statement wall mirrors are also great for creating a focal point in the room whilst the addition of faux plants and candles help to create a chic decor scheme that makes the property inviting and highly desirable.

Don’t forget outside space

Hartman Capri Garden Bistro Set - Bronze/AmberDepending on the type of property you own, guidance on how to furnish a rental property may or may not involve outside space. If your rental property does have any outside space then make sure to show it off. If it is a house rental with a garden, make sure you’ve kitted the space out with high-quality garden furniture for your tenants. However, outside space doesn’t just mean gardens. If you own a flat with a balcony space then make sure to furnish this area as well. A bistro dining set is a perfect addition to a balcony setting, or for a more relaxed setup, you can always set out pouffes as comfortable balcony furniture options.

The points above may seem overly generous and while they’re undoubtedly thoughtful additions, there are also practical benefits. As stated, a rental property’s furnishings helps to set the tone and will have an effect on the type of tenant it attracts. High-quality furnishings does more than simply attract the right tenant, however, it also helps to retain them. We hear from customers all the time about just how competitive the rental market is at the moment and the longer a rental property stands empty, the greater the costs accrued by the owner.  With this in mind, the longer a tenant stays renting a property the better, and one way to encourage a long-lasting tenancy is to promote a harmonious living environment that feels like a home. High-quality furniture helps to achieve this; furniture that looks and feels worn or dated does not.



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