Phew! It’s come around quicker than we had all hoped. For many the early May Bank Holiday symbolises the first true uninterrupted moments spent in the garden. A time for the frantic weeks and months to happily dissolve in a sunny haze. There can be no better setting than your own outdoor space, where time moves at your pace and refreshments are to be enjoyed on your terms. So, hoist those feet up and settle in for our mellowed out ideas on how best to strip back the Bank Holiday in the garden.

Claim Peace in The Garden

The long weekend has arrived, now is the time to claim your relaxation and remove all distractions. Gardens can be hugely important for unwinding. Use any spare space in your outdoors to create a nook away from the humdrum. Erecting a trellis or two can have a transformative outcome, or if you have an exterior wall to use as a basis build outward from there. Similarly, a pergola used alongside large planters is another fabulous way to carve out your chill zone, plus using a fixed structure like a pergola or parasol also gives crucial rain shower cover should the forecast turn. Think about adding a reclining chair set for two to cap off the experience, Hartman are trusted garden experts and we think their Heritage Reclining Set will suit many lawns, decking or patios alike. All that’s left to do is to fix a drink and kick back!

Reimagine The Outdoors For The Bank Holiday & Beyond

Side view Of The Bramblecrest Monterey Circular Garden Daybed In Front Of A Pool With Plants In The ForegroundView your garden with a blank slate and lean into thoughts of renewal and calm. It’s important to separate home and work life, a garden can be vital in re-addressing this balance. We’re of the belief that ensuring your space is a laid-back area shouldn’t require hours of effort. There’s no issue in going with a gut feeling and your first instinct on how to achieve the best from your outdoors.

We’re seeing trends pop up time and again for the use of intriguing lounge furniture. Elegant full length seats are seeing a rise in popularity like the beautiful Bramblecrest Monterey Lounger, offering space to fully splay on spongey cushioning. Whilst there are highly creative lounging options to consider also, such as daybeds that double as garden dining options. This Bramblecrest Monterey Daybed Dining Set offers a clever all-in-one suite to lavish in full length comfort or convert to dine!

Alfresco Dine and Recline

Reclining furniture has long held its popularity within the garden, helping to achieve feet up moments for years. However, what’s becoming clearer is an exciting blend of reclining and dining sets. These multifunctional outdoor sets offer a smooth transition from alfresco dining into fully fledged relaxing. The Chedworth Reclining Sofa Set from connoisseurs Bramblecrest offers this very package at no expense to style, the two diners sat at the end have the option to recline in comfort.

Decrease Screen Time Increase Me Time

Ditch the screens this Bank Holiday, taking a technology break can only signify a positive course of action in this hyper distraction-heavy world. Putting the devices on hiatus will give your mind and soul breathing room to reconnect with your surroundings. Although, if maintaining an active mind during any down time is important to you, take a trusty page-turner or easy-read magazine to your favoured garden furniture. Make sure your furniture is up to the job also! The enviously thick cushioned Chedworth Deluxe Reclining Chair Set will more than cope with the demands, with cushions that are extra thick with angled back support – guaranteed to become the setting for nodding off in the tranquility of your garden.


We’re hopeful you’ve found some valuable shards of relaxation amongst our suggestions all ready for your blissed out weekend. Be sure to share your garden set ups with us. Snap a photo of any InsideOut Living purchased furniture and tag us in your Instagram grid photos, in doing so you stand a chance to win a £100 gift voucher each month, simply include the hashtag #mioliving to enter.



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