You will have noticed the weather is warming up. Those skies are clearing to better our moods and breathe a little optimism our way. Now, more than ever, it seems important to make the absolute most from our homes, for some it may be that long-overdue redecoration project or simple refreshing spruce. The indoors of the home is as important as the garden, and as we touched on in a recent blog post, there are elements of both areas that can transfer both ways nicely. The humble hanging swing chair is one such, also known as the cocoon chair. A swing chair with stand has become a wonderful modern addition to the garden, but what we’re seeing more of is the use of these versatile seats indoors, too.


What exactly is a Cocoon Chair/Hanging Swing Chair?

It is perhaps easy enough to confuse a swing seat with a structured hammock or even a rattan lounger. Without overcomplicating matters we’ll quickly run through what exactly makes a cocoon chair:

Wrap around comfort.

The main defining feature of this type of chair is its shape – a capsule moulding. The name cocoon is given to this type of swing chair with stand owing to its semi-spherical shape and a mirroring of nature’s hibernating transformative process seen in the insect world. In a similar sense the name given to these types of chairs is purposely there to evoke feelings of warmth, cosiness, serene solitude and above all comfort.

Hang on in there.

What separates the hanging swing chair from the likes of the swing set or suspended lounger is its singular (or sometimes double) point of suspension, but from above. It’s a dead give-away. Whereas more traditional swing chairs tend to have side stanchion bars or clunky and unsightly bases. The stable and often discreet appearing hang frames for the cocoon chair never dominate the aesthetic, allowing the rounded seat of the hanging swing chair to take stylistic prominence.

Strength in sustainability – rattan.

Undoubtedly this type of swing chair with stand represents a modern development in occasional seating design. So, with innovative designs like these more often than not we’ve noticed fantastic use of modern materials too– rattan weave is one such composite that’s greatly hardwearing (resists the ravages of rain exposure), looks fabulous and is more often than not sourced from recyclable materials. Win-win.


Bramblecrest Bredon Hanging One Person Cocoon with Graphite Cushions


Versatility might be the best factor that the wonderful hanging swing chair design offers. Why? Well, we’re seeing within home trends an increased move of these elegant capsules from the garden into the home, not least being used as rattan conservatory furniture. The lightweight frame means moving between the garden and indoor living spaces is hassle-free. In style, too, versatility is key. Just in regards to our cocoon chair range, for example, the colour ranges of the rattan and accompanying cushions are purposely neutral shades, meaning easy pairing with existing décor. Another key factor inbuilt into rattan furniture is its UV resistant qualities, so if placed in a conservatory this swing chair with stand won’t fade any time soon.

The very essence of the cocoon chair is really the lucid effortless swaying motion achieved. There’s something entirely inviting yet quirky with a swing chair with stand, placed in the corner of a room within a house it can serve as the perfect lulling sanctuary – curl up and read that book or drift off with some soothing music on. The same can be said of placing one in a nook in the garden. The moving of the humble cocoon chair into the home is a wise way to use this seat during the colder months.

We’re always elated with a content cosiness when climbing into a hanging swing chair, and their rise in popularity just grows and grows. Which is why we see these as year on year top-selling items for us. These fabulous chairs will always remain part of our offering for home and garden, and if we sell out this will be a temporary state of affairs, soon to be restocked!



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