The great British weather is unpredictable, to say the least, and often when purchasing garden furniture, we have to be able to justify that the summer will be nice enough to do so. Therefore why not start thinking of different ways to utilise your garden furniture throughout rainier periods. Rattan furniture is renowned for its durability, lightweight and robust nature and is fast becoming a favourite garden furniture piece amongst households, and this is not set to slow down in 2020. A brilliant way to utilise and prolong the use of your beautiful rattan garden furniture is to use it within your conservatory. Conservatories are fantastic, allowing extra light in all year round, whilst creating another important and usable room within the home. Why not bring the outdoors in with rattan conservatory furniture?

Year-Round Use For Your Rattan Furniture

Bringing the outside will not only mean that your furniture can be used frequently throughout the Winter months when it is otherwise forgotten, but it will also prolong its use as garden furniture as it is being stored correctly. If rattan furniture is not stored correctly throughout colder seasons, it can become damaged and eventually unusable – which is a tough pill to swallow for those who have spent a pretty penny on their rattan garden furniture sets! Using rattan furniture as conservatory furniture will mean that your furniture will be stored correctly and can be used both indoors and outdoors for many seasons to come.

Resistant To UV Rays

A huge benefit to rattan conservatory furniture sets is that they are fully resistant to UV rays – therefore will not fade exposed to sunlight. This is a massive bonus to anyone looking for conservatory furniture as you can allow the sun to beam in – without the fear of ruining your furniture inside. One thing’s for sure that your rattan conservatory furniture will stay looking fresh and new, whilst looking very stylish.

Low Maintenance & Easy To Clean

Yet another benefit to rattan furniture is that it requires minimal maintenance in order to still look fresh and new. The main structure of your rattan conservatory furniture is what will require the most attention. Rub the rattan gently with a damp cloth so you don’t damage or scratch the surface, whilst still making sure that you are getting into all of the nooks and crannies. We’d suggest using a toothbrush for the spots that are particularly hard to get to using a large bristle brush. Soak a sponge or a cloth in soapy water, squeeze it and wipe it across the furniture. Repeat this with clean water and dry the furniture well with a cloth – good as new!

Cleaning the cushions for your rattan conservatory set is even more simple. If you are able to remove the covers of your cushions, place them in a washing machine with mild washing detergents. Once the cycle has completed, ensure the covers are completely dry before placing the cover back over the foam. This is to avoid any build-up of mould/ mildew onto the foam.

Add Soft Furnishings

In order to help ease the transition of bringing the outside in, we would suggest incorporating soft furnishings into your conservatory to create the perfect mix of indoors and outdoors. Consider adding cushions and throws throughout the winter months that represent your style, and also to give a cosier feel to light and bright spaces.

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