Ever catch yourself gazing admirably at the beautifully kept indoor plants found in some of your friends’ houses and thinking how you’d like something similar in yours?

You then go home with a new found mission to fill your home with more plants, only to be greeted by the half dead Basil plant on your kitchen side that serves as a stark reminder that you are not exactly blessed with green fingers. All those memories of other house plants that you have attempted to keep alive come flooding back in. Oh the shame!

Well don’t give up on your quest to add some greenery and texture into your home and instead start thinking about the array of faux flowers and artificial plants that are just a click away!

Fake plants have really blossomed (we couldn’t resist) in the last few years, with many looking and feeling so realistic that even after a gentle squeeze of one of the leaves, you are left wondering ‘Is that real or fake?’.

Here at InsideOut Living we can’t get enough of artificial house plants and succulents are one of our absolute favourite varieties! So if, like us, you are also a sucker for succulents, we have summarised below the top 10 artificial succulents available on ioliving, each will help to add a sense of calm and spring style into your home.

    1. Set of 3 Succulents Henna Ceramic Pots Fiori – £43
    2. Set of 3 Succulents Geo Cement Pots Fiori – £28
    3. Mixed Succulents Cement Pot Fiori – £46
    4. Large Succulent Grey Ceramic Owl Pot Fiori – £16
    5. Large Succulent Black Stone Base Fiori – £23
    6. Small Succulent Black Stone Base Fiori – £20
    7. Large Succulent Cement Pot Fiori – £28
    8. Small Succulent Blue Ceramic Owl Pot Fiori – £12
    9. Large Succulent Natural Stone Base Fiori – £23
    10. Small Succulent Natural Stone Base Fiori – £21



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