Have you noticed recently that a lot of interior images are using dining room and kitchen benches? That’s because not only do they look modern and stylish, they also have many benefits to choosing this style of seating rather than a traditional chair.

1- As opposed to a dining chair, kitchen benches are a great piece of furniture that can be neatly tucked away under the table to ensure that you have the maximum space to get around your dining room or kitchen. This is a great benefit to those who are looking to purchase a dining set for a small room due to the kitchen bench tucking nicely under the table. This can also contribute to giving the illusion of a bigger room thanks to having no backs to the seating meaning that you can see right through the table, and small rooms are not cluttered up with big pieces of furniture.

2 – Another reason that dining room and kitchen benches can make your room look bigger is that thanks to their being no backs on the seating, light can travel through the room without being blocked by large backrests on dining chairs.

3 – If you’re somebody who often enjoys hosting parties with friends and family, dining bench is a great item of furniture to consider. Benches can have the ability to fit more people at the dining table, whereas with chairs you may need to find more in order to seat more people at the table.

4 – For those looking to create a casual social area suitable for both dining and socialising with friends over a coffee, dining room and kitchen benches are a fantastic way to achieve this thanks to the informality of not having a structured seat. It also means that if you are busy doing chores in the kitchen whilst chatting with somebody at the table you can easily speak to each other without having to keep turning your chair around. As the kitchen bench has no back this creates an open space to easily have a conversation without furniture getting in the way.

5 – Dining room and kitchen benches can often be easier to move when cleaning thanks to only having to move one piece of furniture from under the table rather than multiple chairs. As well as this, thanks to most benches having two legs on each end this also makes it easier to clean directly underneath the bench without having to move it, rather than weaving in and out of the 4 legs on dining chairs.

6 – As well as using your kitchen bench for seating, you can also use them as storage areas to keep books and plants, use them as a coffee table, at the end of a bed, or even in the bathroom, for other uses for your kitchen bench take a look here. If you own a dining or kitchen bench already don’t let that stop you using this in other areas around the house away from the dining room or kitchen.

If this has helped make your choice on what dining furniture you would like in your home, and are now considering a dining or kitchen bench, take a look at the range we have available at Inside Out Living. Whether you are looking for a dining bench to match a table that you already have or you’re looking for a brand new set complete with a dining table and dining bench, at Inside Out Living we will have something to suit you.



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