Indoor dining furniture is what we love here at InsideOut Living. We have a large range of dining room sets from our Atlantic Blue Grey Range perfectly combining classical design with on-trend colours, to our Cotswold collection made of chunky reclaimed pine to give that perfect wooden dining furniture farmhouse look – or even our modern and subtle range Matte Oak. We guarantee that we can find you the perfect table to work for you and the family.

We understand that it can sometimes be hard to make the most of our dining table sets when life gets busy and convenience takes priority over what we do and dining tables only get used on special occasions. That is why we have put together 6 ways to make the most of your indoor dining furniture.

#1 – Use Your Dining Table As A Desk

With a lot more people regularly working from home, a great tip is to maintain a regular workspace so that you can be more productive. A large desk space that already exists in your home is your dining table – so why not double up the use of your dining table as a desk to work from daily? To help further separate the line between work life and home life we would suggest investing in a table cover, this way your dining table will be protected from any work equipment that you may have – but also you will not feel like you are bored of sitting at the table when it comes to mealtimes or other occasions.

#2 – Set A Schedule To Eat At The Table

Sometimes it can be easier to simply eat wherever it is most convenient, whether it be on the go, on the sofa or eating out. A simple way to make the most of your indoor dining furniture is to set a schedule to eat at the table. First of all set aside one or two days a week to have a meal at the table and begin to build it up from there. Make sure this schedule works around your day-to-day life.

#3 – Use The Dining Chairs Around Your Home

Often we purchase indoor dining furniture that comes along with more dining chairs than people that we have in our households. A brilliant way of making the most of your dining chairs is to use these around your home in other areas. Why not use a beautiful wooden dining chair as a dressing room table chair or perhaps as a chair to accompany a desk. You could perhaps use it as a statement piece of furniture to add depth and character to an otherwise dull area of the home.

#4 – Dress Your Dining Room Table

Whilst you are not using your dining room table we would recommend that you dress it with your favourite dining accessories. Dressing your indoor dining set can be as practical or as impractical as you like, by adding vases to display your favourite flowers, setting out your favourite tableware and utensils or evening displaying your collection of wines. The beauty of dressing your dining room table is that it is completely up to you if you decide to do it, but it is also an excellent way of making use of a space that may not always be used.

#5 – Let The Kids Make Use Your Indoor Dining Furniture

Children have wild imaginations and will have plenty of great thoughts on how they could make the most of your dining set. This could be anything from making a fort to play, play their favourite games under it or completely their favourite puzzles on it! One thing is for sure, a simple dining set in our eyes can provide hours of entertainment in theirs’!

On a more sensible note, a dining table can provide a perfect place as a homework station for children to complete their homework.



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