Over the past year, we Brits have all come to love our homes – having spent more time in them than ever before. However, having spent a very long period inside, staring at the same four walls, we are all very much looking for new ways that can jazz up our houses without spending a fortune. A great way of achieving this is by incorporating faux plants and artificial flowers, so here are 5 reasons why these particular indoor garden accessories are great for your home…

Blends Indoors & Outdoors

It goes without saying that indoor garden accessories beautifully blend the indoors and the outdoors and the outdoors is certainly something that we are all craving having been cooped up for a long period of time. Both faux plants & artificial flowers are perfect for filling this void and having a piece of ‘nature’ without having to look after them.

We would certainly recommend changing your indoor garden accessories depending on the season, for example: opting for blossoming plants and succulents in the Spring/ Summer and more Autumnal and berry plants in the Autumn and the Winter. As the seasons change, move your style and accessories around with it!

Add Character To Otherwise Dull Spaces

Another reason why indoor garden accessories are great is that they add character to a once dull space. Depending on the type of faux plants you opt for, they can brighten up a room and rightfully earn a place of their own. Faux plants are great to fill gaps in a room without overcrowding with furniture and inject some brightness into a space. Great places to make a statement with faux plants could be in your hallway, kitchen and living room.

Artificial flowers are often much smaller than faux plants, however, can still have a powerful effect on a space. Artificial flowers make perfect accessories and speak for themselves as a statement piece. At InsideOut Living, we love artificial flowers as a dining room centrepiece or taking centre stage on a mantlepiece or window sill.

It goes without saying that both indoor garden accessories make a statement, without being expensive.

They Look Real

How many times have you been fooled by a faux plant or artificial flowers? Probably more than we would like to admit – but that is the beauty of them after all. All of out indoor garden accessories at InsideOut Living are especially created to have this effect and to look like the real deal – without having to worry about the care…

No Care Or Maintenance Required

The fact that they look real leads us nicely onto our next benefit of indoor garden accessories – the fact that no care or maintenance is required! We all have busy lives and day-to-day we have many more things on our minds than watering plants, despite our best intentions. Luckily, you can neglect faux plants as much as you would like, without them beginning to look like an eyesore. You can simply place them where you like in your house, without worrying about it receiving the correct amount of sunlight and leave it be.

They Are Safe

Although indoor natural plants are well known for improving the air quality around them, there can be some side-effects too like allergic reactions, pests, and dirt near the pots. This is not ideal if you have children or pets around them daily. Faux plants do not even require regular potting and maintain a clean environment and are also non-toxic for children and pets. There are a large variety of plants which are toxic when eaten or swallowed like lilies, aloe-vera, cactus especially for pets who tend to nibble at curious new things. If you do not want to go through the hassle of the side-effects, then artificial plants are the best bet!



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