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Recently we are all spending a lot more time at home than we ever bargained for and for many of us we are even working from home. One thing that is really important when it comes to working from home and productivity is having a designated area for working. This does not necessarily have to be an entire room in the house, however, it is advised that you should find a small area in your home free from distractions such as the TV. InsideOut Living has put together some ideas on home office design ideas and home office design – no matter how big or small the space is.

Work Desk set up at home

Choose The Best Office Desk For You

Of course, the most important part of working from home is having the best desk space for you. If you know that you will not be working from home for a long period of time, or you do not have space for a desk in your home a large desk space that already exists in your home is your dining table – so why not double up the use of your dining table as a desk to work from daily? To help further separate the line between work life and home life we would suggest investing in a table cover, this way your dining table will be protected from any work equipment that you may have – but also you will not feel like you are bored of sitting at the table when it comes to mealtimes or other occasions.

Another great alternative if you are lacking in space is investing in a sit-stand desk. They are great for converting existing surfaces in your house into work stations and research also shows that standing, rather than sitting, may reduce the risk of shoulder and back pain. It’s a win/win.

Incorporate As Much Storage Space As You Can

One of the hottest tips on our list of home office design ideas is to incorporate as much storage as you can into your office space – especially if you are working in an area of the home that is frequently used. At the end of the day, we’d recommend putting away any paperwork or items that you have been using throughout the day that reminds you of work. Therefore when it comes to the evening, hopefully, work is out of sight and out of mind. This really helps to create a divide in the time you should be working and relaxing. A great way of adding storage for an office space, which is also your home, is a sideboard.

You can keep your home tidy yet stylish with sideboards, as many incorporate drawers and cupboards providing you with that much-needed storage space, out of sight. At InsideOut Living we have various styles available from the more traditional and classically designed sideboards to modern and contemporary designs, therefore we are sure that you can find the perfect match for your home. You can incorporate any type of wooden indoor furniture that would work well in your home.

Surround Yourself Things That Inspire You

When you are working from home, it is really important that you try and keep yourself motivated, which can certainly be a challenge. Our home office design idea is that you add small touches into your office space that inspire you. This could be an object such as an award you have one, or something you are working towards. You could also add prints with motivational messages on or something artistic to keep you feeling creative. A lovely idea is to add a small picture of your family to remind yourself why you are working hard.

Cactus on a table next to a laptopAdd Greenery!

In our opinion, office plants are a must. They are a great way of brightening up a space whilst also proven that office plants help increase productivity and replenish focus. People spend longer in spaces with biophilic designs, and workplace happiness improves when natural elements are introduced. This is perfect for when you are working from home and you have distractions all around you like your phone, TV and the kitchen cupboards.

Comfy Seating Is A Must

Our next home office design idea is to ensure that your seat is as comfortable as possible because office chairs are just as important as your desk, right? When you are on a lookout for a new office chair, just remember that this is more than likely the chair you will be sitting on most in your home so it has to be perfect! At InsideOut Living, we have a wide variety of chairs that are perfect for when you are working from home, but also will look fabulous as a statement piece when you no longer are.



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