It’s with open arms that we’re welcoming the garden season, and especially this year more than ever for obvious reasons. Our gardens are going to be a particularly important place for us to socialise this Spring and Summer and what better way to finally celebrate the dawning of shared happier times than with a little lawn or patio soiree? However, with this comes the importance of being ready to host outdoors! So, today we thought we’d run down through some DIY garden party decoration ideas that are easy to achieve and help you get your alfresco gathering off to the best possible start. Read on to find out our top 5 DIY garden party ideas for this Summer

1. Brisk evenings call for hot drinks with a twist

A heat source is frequently a must if you’re looking to host an enjoyable garden party. There’s no use in having your guests all seated and fed but they’re beginning to shiver. A garden fire pit is perfect for adding much-needed warmth and spectacle for your attendees. You can get a stand-alone firepit or one that is integrated into either rattan garden furniture tables and cast aluminium garden furniture tables, see our Kettler fire pit table set options for an example of these. However, with this option not available to everybody there is a handy alternative – create a Spring heated drink. This is one of those DIY garden party ideas that can transfer into the autumn and winter months nicely too. A little online research unearths a curious amount of hot adult drinks to consider that aren’t just the usual contenders. From hearty hot toddies and spiked lattés to mulled cider and hot apple pie warmers, there is truly a wealth of hot Spring suited beverages to consider. So, fill a tray and serve your guests a steaming sipping mug to remember.

2. Decorate with homemade garden bunting

Garden party decoration ideas don’t come much more traditional and celebratory than this one – make your own wonderful garden bunting! This decorative institution really does emphasise the festival nature of an outdoor event so if you’re looking to really underline the day, this is a great idea that’s both playful and pretty. Moreover, it’s the upcycling element that’s the real benefit of making your own garden bunting. It’s as simple as finding those old items of clothing or curtains and getting to work with some fabric scissors. Anything with pattern will work splendidly and white lace from an old tablecloth is also a great option, but really go with what you think best suits your outdoor space. Use a cardboard cut out of the required triangle shape (or any shape that’s preferred) and simply cut around. Stitch back-to-back for best results and then carefully glue to some binding tape or string, and voila! It’s a lovely simple, yet effective, garden party decoration that can be used again and again.

3. Floral arrangements bring life & colour to your Outdoor spaces

If your rattan garden furniture or garden furniture accessories are feeling a tad drab and you have that urge to breathe some life into your outdoor space, floral arrangements are fabulous DIY garden party decoration ideas. The unique personalised combination of flowers that you choose will help bring vibrancy back to your garden. If you have a flower bed that’s looking healthy, take clippings from there to showcase your horticulture prowess, otherwise, wonderful wildflower arrangements always look rustically appealing. Inside Out Living also offers a range of faux plants and flowers that can step in nicely if gardening isn’t really your thing. Why not place the chosen florals in an old jar or wood crate to make the perfect Spring centrepiece for your garden dining table. Better still, place flowers around your furniture in bunches to fuel conversation. This garden party decoration idea will stay beyond the event too, keeping your outdoors looking great days later.

4. Glimmer with candlelight

Nighttime shot Of Fire Pit Garden Furniture table In Plant Lined CourtyardAs far as garden party decoration ideas go this one is probably the simplest yet most effective in our round up. Create a visual feast and ambience with candles! Yes, it’s as simple as that. The best, most cost-effective route is to buy tea lights in bulk and let loose for perfect adult-only evenings that could go into the late hours. Place at varying heights if possible and bunch together in places to achieve that flickering night time sanctuary that’s lovely for conversation and catching up. Of course, there are a host of garden furniture accessories like long stem candles, votives and garden lanterns that will also be very suitable for this type of evening.


5. Upcycle for a memorable occasion

This last idea is not too far removed from our exploration into the world of bunting, and it couldn’t be simpler whilst it’s also better for the planet; try upcycling! Whether it’s pieces of forgotten clothing or unused jars and bottles, get creative and hand them a new lease of life. Old textiles sewn together can make a lovely pastoral feeling tablecloth. Or why not create a floral hanging display? Simply place selected flower clippings into unused glass bottles or jars and hang them from a tree branch or fixed structure to make a personalised hanging garden that will be sure to spark conversation.

That brings an end to our garden party decoration ideas for Summer 2021, we hope you found something exciting to add to your garden party get-together this year. Why not tag us in your garden party set up on Instagram, and if it’s including any IO Living purchased furniture you stand a chance to win a £100 gift voucher each month, simply also include the hashtag #mioliving to enter.



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We'll email you a voucher worth £10 off your first order over £50, excludes sale items. Cannot be used with any other sale, offer or discount. By subscribing you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies Policy. Offer only valid for new subscribers.