Having dedicated a whole section of our website to conservatory furniture, it’s probably pretty obvious that we’re big fans of conservatories here at Inside Out Living. Conservatories offer a fantastic opportunity to create a stunning additional living space, so long as it is designed and furnished in the style you love. In order to help you get the most out of your conservatory, we’ve put together our top 5 conservatory design ideas from traditional to contemporary.

Go Green

One of the best features of a conservatory is the natural light and connection to the outdoors that they provide. When discussing our favourite conservatory design ideas, whether traditional or contemporary, we’re always looking to enhance the inherent, natural aspects of the design. One of the most effective ways to capitalise on the inherent connection with the outdoors is by bringing the outside in, and filling your conservatory with plenty of plants and flora is the ideal way to create a natural haven.

Plants and sunlight also inspire productivity, making a green conservatory a delightful option for a home office. Combining a mixture of real and faux plants will save on cost ( and a laborious watering schedule!). Avoid cluttering up the windows to make the most of the natural light to frame the outdoor space as a central feature.

Country Style

When discussing our best design ideas from traditional to contemporary we couldn’t not mention country style. This is a popular, more traditional conservatory design idea that is guaranteed to make you feel super cosy. With country-style, it’s all about making things rustic. Classic wooden and rattan furniture suits this style perfectly and is well complemented by the addition of rustic accessories like woven baskets and lanterns. Country decor works particularly well in conservatories which include wooden ceiling beams in the design- emphasise these as much as possible to draw out the wood elements.

Keep It Cosy

All conservatory design ideas from traditional to contemporary should encompass the importance of making the space cosy. Whilst conservatories are lovely, warm spaces to sit when the sun is shining, you want to be able to use your conservatory all year round including in the cold, winter months. In order to give your conservatory that cosy vibe, incorporate plenty of texture- A rug is a great way of drawing the room in, whilst other soft furnishings like blankets and cushions are a must-have for ultimate comfort. If you’re really after a truly relaxing set-up that borders on the decedent, padded recliner chairs are a great choice for kicking back with a cup of tea (or wine!).

Funky Furniture

Bring the space alive with a few, select pieces of statement furniture. When considering different conservatory design ideas, this one will probably be most popular amongst fans with more modern sensibilities. Hanging swing seats make a real statement and are perfectly suited to the light, airy feel of a conservatory (not to mention they provide the comfiest spot for reading or let’s be honest, just napping). Don’t shy away from bold colours. Brightly coloured footstools and contemporary side tables are a great way to inject some colour into the space. Alternatively, add some pattern to a traditional seating arrangement with contemporary cushion designs.

Traditional Meets Contemporary

Although we’ve largely been talking about conservatory design ideas that are either distinctly contemporary or traditional, there’s nothing to say you shouldn’t combine different inspirations. Modern conservatory design ideas look great when combined with traditional elements and vice versa. It’s all about choosing all your favourite design features and combining them to create a space that you love.

For further inspiration and conservatory design ideas from traditional to contemporary check out our previous blogs on some of the items discussed, including our introduction to Inside Out Living’s range of rattan conservatory furniture.



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