Any home is incomplete without woven storage baskets. They really are the holy grail when it comes to stylish home decor. At InsideOut Living, you’ll find classic-meets-modern wicker baskets and industrial style metal wire options that will suit many modern homes, and complement several interior design styles. Here are 4 reasons why you always need woven storage baskets in your home…

Sophisticated Storage

Dalby round woven storage basket with magazines insideThe first and most obvious benefit of woven storage baskets is that they provide excellent storage, with the clue being in the name. We have a great selection of sizes available, from the Large Dalby Woven Storage Basket to the Small Carrick Woven Storage Basket, made from pinewood. The flexibility of the Carrick Natural Woven Storage Basket is what makes it so fabulous, with the ability to store awkward items discreetly.

The Rustic Tube Baskets  that come in a set of three are another lovely way to store household clutter such as blankets, excess cushions, and shoes (the list goes on!). With the Rustica Tube Baskets you get pleasing traditional wicker style, but with a modern twist created by the artfully painted bases. These baskets are also great for displaying plants.

Super Stylish

haldon basket set of three with plants and newspapers inAs well as providing excellent storage, woven storage baskets are also super stylish and never truly go out of style. High quality natural woven wicker baskets always look brilliant in your home, no matter what the season. How you choose to display your woven storage baskets all comes down to your personal taste and how you like to style them.

One of our most stylish woven storage baskets is the Haldon Basket. The clean design is constructed from rattan and a small percentage of bamboo, creating a neutral shade of weave, which suits all interior design styles.

Very Versatile

The beauty of wicker baskets is their versatility. They’re not just great for storage purposes. Here are some fun and quirky ways that you can style your woven wicker baskets:

Displaying Plants: One of the best ways to style wicker baskets is with greenery, both faux and real to incorporate texture and style into your home. Just be sure to use a ceramic pot or planter for the plant itself, then disguise it with a basket!

cabin log carrier basket with split wood and handle sat on grey rug with wood board wall backgroundWall Decor:  Did you know wicker baskets also create stylish and distinct wall decor? Try out a design with different shapes and sizes, and simply fix it to the wall. Quick and easy!

Storing Wood: Woven storage baskets are perfect for storing logs by the fireplace. Our woven Cabin Log Carrier Basket is specifically designed for storing your firewood in style. 

Blanket Carrier: Keep all your cosiest blankets and throws stored neatly away so that you can access them easily whenever you want them. 

Environmentally Friendly

At InsideOut Living, many of our Wicker baskets are made from rattan which is a rapidly renewable material natural to the forest where it is harvested. Since rattan grows very quickly, it requires a small amount of water to grow and is almost always grown pesticide-free. This makes it an eco-friendly material that uses less of the planet’s resources.

The other beauty of rattan is that it is strong and durable so it can last for many years, meaning  there’s no need for you to keep repurchasing storage products.




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