2022 is set to be another exciting year for interior design! From bold patterns to nature-inspired calm spaces, we’re going to see a real mix of different ideas taking the stage, including timeless classics and modern innovations. If you can’t wait until next year, here’s a little sneak preview of the 2022 interior design trends that we expect to see…

Nature-Inspired Spaces

One of the biggest 2022 interior design trends that we’re going to see is an emphasis on nature and greenery. The soothing tones of neutrals, greens, browns, and muted floral prints are set to take centre stage, with an emphasis on bringing lots of greenery and florals into our living spaces, including house plants and dried flowers.

mint coloured ceramic vase with dried flowers

The emphasis on nature may be partly influenced by the lockdown period, where we learnt to re-embrace the freedom of the great outdoors. However, this 2022 interior design trend also coincides with an increasing preoccupation with choosing more sustainable materials to help counter rising fears about climate change. 

Going Green

In line with the prominence of nature-inspired spaces, the colour green is set to lead 2022 interior design trends. The gravitation towards green reflects our preoccupation with the great outdoors and the environment, however, you can also expect more electric and bold shades to make an appearance, such as emerald green. Complementing a drive towards interior design ideas that are conscious of the environment, we’ll see an increase in the use of organic and sustainable building materials, such as recycled glass and reclaimed wood.

Inspiring Home Offices

Whilst some people are now starting to head back into the office, many of us are still working from home for at least part of the week. With this in mind, a big 2022 interior design trend is going to be the creation of fully functional, inspiring working from home spaces.Working from home set up in a small flat

Working at the kitchen table isn’t really cutting it now that home working is set to be a more permanent fixture. That’s why people are looking to create more functional home offices that are separate from the rest of their home, creating an environment that’s more conducive for work. 

Bold Use Of Pattern

Pattern tends to ebb and flow throughout the years in interior design, however, in 2022  it’s set to make a big return. In general, we’re going to see people embracing more colour in 2022 interior design trends, with people being bold in layering patterns and embracing texture. In particular, we’re going to see an emphasis on detailed floral prints as well as retro-inspired patterns. Floral patterns that have often been considered outdated, are predicted to be re-embraced this year, and used confidently throughout people’s homes. As a result, we’re also going to see patterned wallpaper being used abundantly in 2022 interior design trends. 

Creating Outdoor “Rooms”Scandi Lounger Rattan Chair next to tall plant

The pandemic drastically changed the priority that we give to our outdoor spaces. Whilst our gardens and patios had a tendency to be neglected for a good part of the year, we’re now seeing a reinvestment in creating outdoor “rooms” that are equally as functional as our interior spaces. “Indoor-Outdoor” furniture such as rattan chairs and rattan dining sets will be prominent in 2022 interior design trends, whilst soft furnishings will be used to create more inviting outdoor areas. We’re likely to see the emergence of outdoor kitchens, with people looking to expand their interior space outdoors by creating functional cooking spaces through the likes of pizza ovens and fire pit dining sets.

Showcasing Antiques & Heirlooms

In recent years we’ve started to see “pre-loved” items begin to take precedence over buying new, when it comes to people’s shopping habits. We’ve seen this in terms of clothes shopping, and next year we’re set to see the trend translate into the field of home design. Classic antiques and heirlooms are shaping up to make a big appearance in 2022 interior design trends. Antiques are celebrated as a sustainable home material that reflects next year’s drive towards more eco-conscious home design. 




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