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As we near the end of a trying year where many of us have spent more time in our homes, a lot of people are tired of their interior surroundings and, eager for a change, are exploring the endless possibilities of interior design. The importance interiors have on our mental health in these times is paramount; colours and textures can evoke emotions and the space in which we live can really influence our mental wellbeing. The new year brings the perfect opportunity to refresh your living space and establish a new lease of life into your home with these upcoming interior design trends for 2021.

Playing With 2020 Interior Design Trends

The upcoming 2021 interior design trends have been reported to be an ongoing development of the trends we have seen so far in 2020. Social media has been a great tool in these times to offer an insight into emerging interior design trends and can be a great source of inspiration, particularly visual platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest allow us to see what is popular and trending. This year has shown us an abundance of styles and interiors which are sure to be continued and elaborated upon, from the use of contrasting bold colours or statement wallpapers – to themes that encapsulate a natural simplicity and elegance – all of which scream the return of the roaring Twenties!

Bring In The Navy

Art Deco Velvet Scallop Chair In BlueCurrent trends have shown us the return of navy, often a bold choice than can trigger anxiety in the hearts of any designer for fear of creating a dark living space – however, contrasted with lighter hues and tones such as pinks and greys can soften the look and create an interior that is cosy, yet luxurious. The richness of navy offers a timeless elegance that can be enhanced through coordinating decorative accessories and statement ornaments; particularly in these times where arts and crafts have revived, handmade and decorative pieces provide a sense of uniqueness and individuality. The reappearance of Art Deco patterns in interior design can also elaborate upon the luxury that navy provides; this can be embodied through geometric wallpaper, embellished furnishings or statement furniture pieces like the Art Deco Velvet Scallop Chair. Whether navy is added boldly or in more conservative measures, you can be sure your home will soon feel like a palace!

Inspired By Nature & Neutrality

Probably the biggest, most exciting trend parading into the new year is the natural and neutral. This theme often exhibits a refreshing mindfulness about the materials in which we use in the latest furniture trends. Indoor furniture made from sustainable woods paired with dark recycled metals can be an effective way to give a contemporary feel to your home. Offset these wooden pieces against a spectrum of neutral shades and subtle yellows and greens for a relaxing environment. Again, as we revalue and reconnect with craftsmanship, a love of individualism is prominent in this upcoming theme. Handcrafted, one-off furniture pieces showcase the imperfect textures and grains that are to be celebrated for their differences. In the latest interior design trends, it seems uniqueness is going to be key and with a new-found love of resourcefulness, this is definitely an exciting trend to explore. If your New Year’s resolution is to be more planet-conscious, then this is definitely the trend for you! Houseplants further aid in creating a nature-inspired interior. Whether faux or real, leafy greenery can create a delicate sophistication to your space and uplift the mood of a room. Injected bursts of greenery contrasted against neutral tones can bring life into your home and create a serene habitat that will have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Outside In Living

As we all long for a relaxing getaway, this too is now being reflected in our homes quite understandably. Bringing the outside world into our living spaces is one of the most fashionable upcoming interior design trends and a theme that is sure to be a long-lasting one. Modern furniture is now often stylised to reflect this key trend of bringing the outside in – wooden benches, rattan wicker dining sets, or Boho nesting tables – provide your interior space with an alfresco ambience and a versatile practicality for easy living. Wooden floors, warm earthy tones and globally influenced patterns and woven accessories will soon make your once plain interior a much-needed getaway to a far distant land.

Boho Nesting Tables Set of 2Consistently, 2021 interior design trends are very much influenced by the Earth and its natural forms. Up and coming trends are characteristic of organic elements and minerals which can be achieved by contrasting bold colours with hints of metallic. By embracing stormy colour palettes, integrated with raw materials such as marble and stone, you can really present an interior that feels moody and opulent. Incorporating dark hues of blue and grey and contrasting these darker tones with lighter, more polished surfaces, can effortlessly create a refined atmosphere in your home. Textures and tactile design can play a vital role in personalising your space further; decorative throws, cushion covers in an array of colours or patterned rugs can stylise your interior to suit your preferences.

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